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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. So Im annoyed with you buggers off here. Simple as :(

    So, I started off with me mucky gearbox

    The logical thing to do is / was to clean it down and degrease it, which I did and it cleaned up okay...nowt wrong with that, it took a while of soaking with degreaser, cleaning, soaking & cleaning.

    Looked okay...…..

    But oh no, you buggers wouldn't be happy with that, would you? Snotty's OCD would be working overtime...its not a patch on Mr Darby's freshly painted box :eek:

    No pressure to tart it up the eh.

    Well, here you are:

    And to top it all off, I order some insulated P clips to tidy some wiring up here n there.


    Good job I'm home working innit :hattip:
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  2. Snot gold tho issit?
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  3. Sure is Col :thumbsup:

    I didn't want to copy him, it wouldn't be sport now would it :hattip:

    I'll not admit to having more than enough grey paint ordered!
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  4. Nice work, although I'm slightly disappointed with the colour ;)...
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  5. It goes with the yellow of Major :D
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  6. would be better...
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  7. I couldnt meet your standards though, I would have worried about it :D
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  8. The folks who paint it gold drive to the beach take a picture and drive it back

    Don't drive it propper

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  9. Cracking job - and the P clips made me smile.
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  10. They just neaten things up a touch here n there!
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  11. 'Av 'im Snotts!
  12. I always thought gold seal gearboxes were a mark of questionable quality, Snotts? ;)
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  14. ;)
  15. Awaiting a Beam [​IMG][​IMG]

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  16. Thought about looking at a tiny dribble of oil from the adaptor in the oil pressure switch hole. Too windy to bother.
  17. Managed to get a 540mm brake pipe made up and fitted as JK dosnt seem to deal with the same people that make the other size brake pipes.
  18. It's @paradox tractor enamel grey.
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  19. Is there another other colour? Apart from gold, of course.
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  20. Mines black, soz

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