Paul the '73 tintop!

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  1. @mork tintops rule ;)
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  2. It is indeed, was like that when I got it, and the engine support bar had some weird (and badly made!) mount thing on it.. Never worked out what it was for..
  3. I am fully inclined to agree wholeheartedly with this statement. Tintops are by far superior! :p
  4. Maybe a second alternator!?!

    I've seen pics of home brew setups with high output modern units fitted for more batteries/big stereo :)
  5. Mine had a double pulley when we got it which ran a second alternator as the VW one was knackered. Tinware had some odd cutouts for the belt to run and there was a bracket attached to the bolts that hold the alternator stand on the block.
  6. Its nice to be able to stand up to put your trousers on without cracking your head on the roof though. ;)
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  7. That's what the steel sunroof model is for... ;)
  8. yep they sure do :thumbsup:

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  9. Ha! I have definitely done that....

    And I have no idea what it was for, I ended up chopping the weird bracket thing off the support bay cus it looked pants and had no purpose.. haha

    Looking great Mork!! :thumbsup:
  10. Do you ever get the feeling you just chopping away like a madman?


    New chassis legs to come soon... Hopefully..
    Sadly the arch tub is in much worse condition than it first appeared,
    but will only need the closing panel I am going to make making a bit taller than before,
    as from the inside it appears ti be solid where it meets the outer arch lip.. (Although thats probably just more filler..)
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  11. Oh, and do you think the fact my sliding door doesnt shut properly got anything to do with this amazingly innovative repair panel work?


    And @Paul Weeding , you know I asked about the cut under the tank, I was wondering if I may be able to extend that to the bit down to the cargo floor?
    That would be cushty.. because if I'm being realistic about this, its just **** under there..

  12. My bus now lives INDOORS!!


    Crap pic, due to awful phone and rubbish lighting, but no longer will there be battery trays full of snow, and not being able to take windows out or jack on moist ground.
    I am pleased with this. So hopefully things might stop deteriorating and actually start taking a turn for the better :)

    Progress to come soon..
  13. Awesome news:D:thumbsup:

    What are those next to it? they look like they share late bay rear lights
  14. Excellent, is it close by too? That always helps
  15. It is, those buses to the left are old Mercedes 206D/306D's.

    And yeah Rossco, its my work, so I dont have to worry about it so much as I see it every day, and can work on it in my breaks.. :D
  16. Ah cool, what do u do dude?
  17. More pics of the mercs please:)
  18. DSC_2432.jpg



    They are pretty cool, at over 6 foot its appealing having something I can stand up fully inside..
    Massive compared to the bays, have boilers and showers and stuff.
    Although working on these has made me appreciate my VW a lot more.. You can get literally NO panels for these, we have to make everything.
    On the plus side my fabrication skills are improving by the day.. Which is never a bad thing.
    Been working a lot on the beetle recently and its been like christmas just being able to buy stuff that we need.
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  19. Where is that space, you jammy bu**er? Must be good to have some decent room to work in!
  20. As he's inside now, I thought I better make some sort of start on the things I couldnt do in the weather. And finally got a chance to have the workshop to myself yesterday, as my boss was having the day off, (who, on an side note, gave me a pay rise not long after the conversation on here about pay... On minimum wage now :D Perhaps he saw it?) Anyways, I was going to do my outer sill panel.. (hahaaa at my optimism there!). Heres what I found..


    And thats about a third of the rust that came out.. This is what it looks like up in there..


    I havent made any replacement top hat/H sections yet, and havent bought any outriggers/jacking points either, so thought I'd better leave it and go find something else to do. So I finally strapped on a pair and did some digging with a sharp chisel..

    Yum. New beam time too... :( The person I paid to 'weld it up' a couple of years ago decided sealer covered in stone chip was the way to go.

    And I dont know what the hell is happening here... There was some sealant disguising the fact those bits in the middle of shot arent attached at all.. DSC_3286(small).jpg

    So as I got a bit carried away on my voyage of discovery, didnt actually get much done. But at least I know what I'm dealing with on this side, which I'm counting as progress. And to think, this was its best side when I got there!!
    So ended up leaving him sitting like this.. and riding the 11 miles of uphill home, at midnight, on a bmx with galeforce winds against me all the way.


    More progress to come soon....

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