Paul the '73 tintop!

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  1. I think there's more filler on your side panel than mine...there's not much in it...but I'm not really looking forward to stripping mine off to see what's underneath!
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  2. Mine was nearly 4cm deep at its deepest.. And even after the X number of years it been on there the bottom layer was still soft!!
  3. Right, this may shock you, but I have a positive post to make!!


    Despite looking very crap under there, I took the pointy end of a panel hammer to it and it only went through on a couple of outriggers :)
    And the worst of it seems to be the remains of a hacked off belly pan thats been undersealed over.
    So (aside from the outriggers) I'm just going to wire wheel the crap out of it, rust treat it and deal with it later..
    I really need to get this on the road, and this is MOT worthy..

    Also, I just got this nice big chunk of rust free baywindow :D


    Which is a massive step forward for the cause, especially as I think the other arch is just about passable..

    Will it be on the road this year?? I'll happily start the betting by saying no, but anything could happen!
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  4. I realised the underside might not be as crappy as first thought when I took up the false floor for the first time and found a perfect cargo floor, hence the bashing it with a hammer, which I hadnt previously done because I thought the entire bus may implode on itself if I did... :)

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  5. Well, by some sort of miracle I have pulled my finger out and actually done something on the bus today.. (which once again lives outside. Booo!)

    No pics unfortunately as I was actually doing something rather than taking pictures of piles of rust on the floor, as seems to be the majority of the 'work' that I get done on this thing, but I cut off the old crap chassis leg and started making a new one :)

    And I know I have asked this before, but as I'm actually doing it now, (and cant find the other post), if anyone has the dimensions for where the engine support bar mount tubes go through that would be awesome, as mine are non existent.

    Just hoping the sun stays out tomorrow so I can continue with it, help get the motivation going again, which is something I have been duly lacking lately. (Especially with the daily having problems and taking most of my funds..) But yeah if any of you have a spare D pillar,or bottom half of one at least/rear corner panel/engine bay side panel (all for N/S) going cheap, hit me up!
  6. Thought it was the end of my buses story, but I have found someone to bring it from Cumbria to Devon at tiny mates rates..
    And I have a welder and a place to store it here.. And a proper job with a steady income... So who knows, perhaps I will get it done..
    Shall we take bets on this??
  7. Best of luck dude

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  8. Just read it all.... You've put too much work in to NOT finish it!! Best of luck dude and get on it!
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  9. So.. After a lot of pretty much nothing, as far as my bus is concerned anyway, its finally being moved south to where I actually live next weekend..

    This is quite exciting. I am actually going to work on it again.. This time something might actually happen! Watch this spacehopper..
  10. Another small update... My bus is in Devon! Hopefully much bigger updates to follow....
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  11. Any movement on the bus front?
  12. Just sat and read the whole thread, after all this I hope so, plus the move to Devon has been a good one... was never a fan of Carlisle

  13. Konaboy - you need to give yourself a pat on the back, most people would have long since walked away from the amount of work you've already done, although I did think enough is enough when you posted that photo of what looked like a yellow mini-skip full of van rust, before I realised it was just a dustpan.
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