Paul the '73 tintop!

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  1. Yeah, I know that feeling!! Its all steps forward though..
    I started a new job today, so hopefully progress will speed up somewhat on Paul now :thumbsup:
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  2. Nice one - :thumbsup:
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  3. Thanks :) Its been a long time coming..
  4. congrats on the job dude
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  5. Congratulations! Anywhere close by?
  6. Thanks :) Yeah, I work in the pub just up the road. Definitely a result!!
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  7. New battery tray and much more sheet steel than I was expecting turned up today,
    (my guestimations of measurements were obviously rather out, but in a good way). :cool:

    Cutting discs, welder wire, seam sealer, that anti corrosion primer (recommended by womball), and a few nice tools wingin there way in my direction too,
    so hopefully we'll see more progress as of early next week...

    Now just need to work out where to make the tubes for the engine support bar mounts, and where to put the captive nuts so the bumper sits in the right place, in what will be my new chassis legs, and I have pretty much everything needed to sort out my engine bay :thinking:
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  8. Where did you get your sheet steel from?
  9. Thomas Graham in Carlisle. Pretty cheap too! (until you add the 20 quid shipping cost :( )
  10. Which pub? Do we get a forum discount?;)
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  11. Ha! The Belted Will in Hallbankgate, and unfortunately I dont think I'm at liberty to be giving out discounts just yet ;)
  12. Thats not a bad pub. Some cracking ales last time i was in which was probably 15 years ago.
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  13. I have been informed they still have some cracking ales :) (I dont drink ale, I much prefer whiskey..haha!)
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  14. Glad things are looking up for you bud
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  15. Thanks a lot @Rossco :)

    Its looking up a bit more today! Someone in the village let me borrow their trolley jack today.. So this happened.


    Was a little tricky moving it on the gravel, but got it in the bus with help from the other half :)


    And now I can crack on with all the engine bay panels and welding and wiring an such.. :chewie:
  16. Nice work fella .. :)
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  17. Got back up under there today :) And found the tank was in really good nick! Which was a surprise given the state of the rest of it..
    Got the tank out, thought it would be wise given I've just emptied it and am about to do copious amounts of welding in the bay..


    Has a snapped tank strap, but I was kinda expecting the bottom of the tank to disintegrate but its all good and doesnt even need repairing so I'm counting this as a win! On that note, anyone know where I can get a new tank strap?

    (And just a reminder for my benefit: The red wire is the one for the sender, not the green/yellow one :thumbsup:)

    Its a pretty rubbish patchwork quilt where the tank sits and pretty grim looking up at it from below, so looks like I'm going to have to replace a lot of that.
    Can you by a complete new panel for all across under the tank? I'm assuming not as I've never seen one..
    So if the panel under the tank is any good on the one your breaking @Paul Weeding then I would be interested in it when you start doing cuts if noone else has called it?


    And its like that on both sides.. and its also and interesting pastel yellow colour up in there..

    And I found the PO's 'hot start' relay again, which may explain why it was turning over sloooooooooowly....


    Its not so pretty. So will be replacing that when I do the rest of the wiring.. Panel work first on the agenda though..
    Watch this spacehopper....
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  18. :eek: That is nasty in there!!

    As for tank straps, they are just a strip of mild steel spot welded to a bracket either end!! :)

    And no dibs on the tank support panel as far as I know :thumbsup:
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  19. :thinking: Is that bottom pulley a double?

  20. Hope it all goes well ill never moan about my van again :thumbsup:
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