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  1. Thanks a lot guys!! Greatly appreciated, 5mm is probably a little over enthusiastic then.. haha.

    Will go make it a bit bigger before I run out of daylight, I hear the weather is going to punish us for enjoying this sun tomorrow.... :(
  2. As suspected, rain most definitely stopped play today.. (Before play had started..)
    But, as seems to happen every time I consider deleting faceberk because its raabbish,
    I've gone an won 20 quids worth of free stickers on it because 'my picture got the most likes', or some such nonsense..:D
    So I spent 99p on 1 sticker (with free postage), received 3, and then got given about £25 worth of stickers for nout..
    (I picked 20 quids worth on their website and they sent me several more aswell, I have no idea how this company is making any money!)
    And rain stopped for all of 20 minutes so I wapped some on, and then stuck up a new picture on bookface,
    because apparently if that one 'gets the most likes' again, then I will get another 20 quids worth of stickers... Which is perfectly fine by me!

    If I can cover all my windows in free stickers I will be a happy chappy! Heres the pic for round 2 of this strange game..


    If any of you guys are on facebook, and fancy bumbling onto the page, and give that pic a like, that would be pretty sweet.. ;)

    Anyways, moral of that unnecessarily long story is, I got free stickers, so today is a good day! Hope you had a good day too :beer:
  3. Had some awful news last night, which blindsided me a bit and was at a loss at what to do with myself today. So instead of sitting inside doing nothing, I went and hid in engine bays to try and take my mind off it. And actually made some progress, so that was nice.

    (Sorry for the swede getting in the way, I didnt actually get many pics today...)

    Finally got it turning over again.. Although starter is being very sluggish. Pretty certain its the electrical connections somewhere along the way, have what I can only guess is a 'hot start' relay underneath which is corroded to buggery, so need to replace that. Went to buy a new one but realized I actually have no idea what kind of relay its supposed to be, and anything it may have once said on it is well and truly gone, so if anyone knows?

    I do have a full original loom that I bought off someone around these parts, but its not labelled and I have yet to purchase a wiring diagram, so its still sat in the box.
    And to be honest I am finding the complete loom swap a daunting task, as I cant use the old rats nest of bodge as a guide..


    But as it was turning over I thought it would be a good idea to check fuel and spark again, and it was doing better than ever..
    In the fact it had neither... :( Its amazing how much it changes even though I havent touched it.... It had spark before, so I'm once again assuming corroded electrics.. No fuel though, but I had a few spare fuel pumps so I thought I'd look into it a bit more.

    Checked there was fuel in the tank (via EXCESSIVE effort to remove the locking filler cap! Need a new one of those!), rock the bus, sloshy slosh, all good there.
    Took the line off the carb, cranked it, nothing. (note to self: stop forgetting to replace the bloody fuel lines!)
    So took the pump off, turned it over by hand and the pushrod didnt move, which explained the problem. Thankfully I had another one that I'd sensibly kept together with its respective pump, which is a german made Pierburg one, so I boshed those on and huzzah! We have fuel.
    The pump pushrods were very different though, which might explain why the one that was on it didnt work, but I dont know much about this..


    Didnt do anything really about the lack of spark, because I wasnt really sure where to start, heads not really with it today. I have a few spare HT leads, so I may try a different coil to dizzy lead tomorrow, see if that makes any difference..

    Oh, and there is another thing. Occasionally, when I turn the key to crank it, it just dies. I lose the dash lights, everything is dead. Its like its all on a fuse that pops.. but if I disconnect and reconnect the battery again it works again.. Any ideas what that could be??
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  4. Alternator engines have a different fuel pump push rod compared to the dynamo ones
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  5. Cheers Para, evidently I had used the wrong one before. When I put together this engine I used all the ancillaries from the old one, including the pump and rod..
    Obviously shouldnt have, but wasnt aware. Is there anything else that I would have swapped over that would be different between the alt/dynamo engines I should look at?
  6. Moving parts of your carb may foul on the alternator
    There are some others but ive had a couple of beers and cant think of them right now
  7. I think the carbs okay, but will definitely check that, thanks Para :)
    Its a 34 pict 3 I think..
  8. Sorry to hear you've been dealt a blow and hope you get through what ever it is. Good you can find solice in working on your van and that a bi-product of your upset is a renewed vigour in getting through some bus issues.
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  9. Thanks Neptuneblue for the kind words. :hug:
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  10. Finally picked up a spotweld drill bit today, so progress can move on finally..

    Also, a stroke of luck has picked the final colour choice! Was wandering around carlisle today when I stumbled across a solitary spraycan sat in a corner of a shop, so I bought it cus it was purple, chucked it on my crappy rear corner panel (although it was slightly raining and the stickers are still on the panel, so the finish is slightly less than good!! haha), but the colour is bang on what I wanted, and have been looking for for longer than I can remember! :D Pic to come shortly, charging phone..
  11. It's coming together, way to go. One small advance at a time.
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  12. Happy to announce...... More progress today :)

    Dash out..

    Took it to bits.... Started on the dash top..


    And then I got quite into it and forgot to take pictures... Sorry!
    But completely bare metaled it, anti rusted it, etc etc, and its dark now, but I got a taster shot for you guys.. :cool:
    (Its dirt on the windscreen btw, not in my paint... honest.. :D)


    That wiring is gunna be a bitch to work out, but it will be a lot easier with the dash out, and I can also give the dash the same purple treatment while I'm at it.. :)
    We soldier on...
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  13. Loving the non standard fuse box, and the garden feature? ;)
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  14. Ha! That makes one of us then... Because I'm certainly not a fan of that 'fuse box'... ahaha!
  15. Also, need a condensor for a Bosch 009.. The ones I have bought advertised for the 009 dont fit..
  16. lol I've never seen anything like it! None of the wires look original. I guess you're planning to re-wire and install a standard fuse box then :) ?
    btw does the rock have a purpose?
  17. Oh yeah!! Haha... Well my empi shifter isnt installed properly, and its such a pain in the backside to work out if its in gear or not, when I need to push it around to work on it I put the rock on the clutch pedal, eliminating the need to fanny about with the gearstick to get it out of gear.. :D

    And no, I'm pretty sure there isnt a single original wire, which is causing making any sense of the wiring so I can put in the new, but unlabeled, loom in a gigantic ballache. I did get a wiring diagram, but it turns out that its for a late '73, and mine is an early '73 and apparently they are different. It also doesnt help that I have no idea what year bus the loom itself is from... All very confusing. Which is why I've been putting it off for so long.. haha.
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  18. Good luck with the wiring....looks like a right PITA!
  19. Cheers Charlie! Yeah, its not being a walk in the park, but I'm making progress slowly..
    Hows your coming on? Has been a while!
  20. I cut a load of rot out of the back end, but since then the weather has been sh@te when I've had time, and great when I've had no time.,,but I will get there!

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