Paul the '73 tintop!

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  1. The spot weld drill i got came with a guaruntee that if it ever went blunt they manufacturer would sharpen it for free.
    After 6 years i sent it back and got a new one in return. They didn't send the guaruntee back though. :(
  2. Where did you get it from?? I need one of those!!

    I did manage to pick up a decent chisel and some flap discs today from my girlfriends new work though :)
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  3. It came from the car accessory shop on botchergate in Carlisle in about 2005. Think it might have been a draper one possiblly.
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  4. Nice one, cheers mate :) Was in Carlisle earlier, didnt know there was a place on botchergate, will go have a gander next time I'm about.
  5. Wow looks like you got your work cut out. Keep it up and keep the pictures coming.
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  6. It was from whiteheads A1 motor store next to Palace cycles right down the bottom end of botchergate.
  7. It was from whiteheads A1 motor store next to Palace cycles right down the bottom end of botchergate.
  8. It was from whiteheads A1 motor store next to Palace cycles right down the bottom end of botchergate.
  9. Thanks very much man :)

    From Whiteheads, was that? ;)
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  10. wow, triple post.:eek:
  11. Spot weld drills (read ALL drill) blunt on steel if you don't apply lots of pressure and use a slow speed - you need to keep it cutting and not let it spin and overheat.

    One question though - why have you moved to the middle of nowhere where there is no work and if there was you couldn't get to it? I get that it's a lovely place, but if you're too skint to enjoy it...
  12. Well the whole idea behind the trip went a bit pete tong soon after we got here to be honest, so we have just been winging it since..
    Life may have been easier if we had gone on benefits, but neither of us wanted to do that, so we are just bumbling along on savings and whatnot.
    But of course those run out eventually, but on the plus side my other half starts a new job tomorrow,
    and there I've heard there is a job going at a steel merchants that I'm waiting to hear back from, so hopefully things are starting to work out :)
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  13. As said before if you were nearer I'd find you some panels to beat. I'm turning away enough of your type of work to keep 3 of you busy.
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  14. Well, you never know what might happen, its definitely something I will be keeping in the front of my mind!
  15. Well, the sun actually put his bloody hat on today, so heres a quick taster of what I've been up too...


    I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me what the panel gap should be around the bottom of the door? (cab step area)
    As you can see mine is a little off.... o_O Its amazing how much bodging comes out of the woodwork as soon as I actually start doing anything...
    And as I havent got a single decent panel gap on the bus to use as a guide, I was wondering if one of you guys could help.
    I've mocked up one that would be about 5mm, that sound about right?


    (and yes, the masking tape is holding on most of the arch, because it fell off when I slammed the door..... :rolleyes: )
  16. The gap is bigger than 5mm from the factory. Probably 10mm or more.
  17. Best of luck to you dude and i hope things turn in your favour soon
  18. Cheers dude, thats very helpful :) I've been looking at a few in you guys' threads, and think 5mm will probably be to small.
    I also had a look at the drivers side of mine, but thats a pretty solid 22mm along that bit, so was no help whatsoever... :eek:

    And thanks Para, I appreciate that :) Things are going okay at the moment.
    May have found the problem with the car now, which will make life infinitely easier..
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  19. My drivers door (that fits properly and sounds right when it closes) is 18mm all the way along at the bottom between the door and the step.
    My passenger door is 18mm at the front but 14mm at the back of the step so that panel has been replaced slightly out of step (if you pardon the pun).
    Does this help at all?
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  20. Ive got 18mm on both sides
    Not bad considering i fitted the arches without the cab doors fitted:oops:
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