Paul the '73 tintop!

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  1. You need a (fireproof) tent to weld in!
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  2. Weather is nice at the moment so welding outside isn't a problem if the wind stays away.
  3. Had my first pop at gasless welding today making some repair panels for my rear valance. I expected it to be crap from everything I've heard, but I think it was fine.
    A good result I think :) Got my battery charged FINALLY, but I think the engine has been trying to seize cus its been left so long and turns over slow and makes a very unpleasant noise.. I knew it was engine out time, but I was kinda hoping it wasnt...
  4. No it won't have seized unless you empited out the oil and filled with salt and vinegar crisps.
    If the timing is too far advanced it'll be fighting the starter motor.
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  5. Cheers Zed, I havent checked anything yet due to the weather being pretty unpleasant for the past few hours. Will go through all of those things tomorrow.
  6. got some progress pics finally..


    Heres the next challenge......



    Those super long bolts were the only things holding my rear valance on.. Its all pretty crumbly up there..

    My valance...


    Isnt it lovely!! Made a plate for it, but decided I might go a different way with it and just make the whole lot in one piece, but for the first time I've ever welded gasless I think it wasnt too bad... Turns out I have no pictures after this point, but you get the idea.


    Heres some pics of my sliding door 'panel gap' I was talking about the other day.. DSC_1524.jpg

    But, there is small victories going on in the background :)



    However small, progress is still progress, keeping me motivated :) Now just need to find a job to have cash for new panels...
  7. Decided to do 'a bit more' at the back before the rear corner panel goes on.. So while I'm waiting on the cash for parts/panels to arrive I've got me a new challenge..
    Thankfully, one of you lovely people gave me the center section of the sill, so when its inevitably craptacular in there when the outer comes off, I will be able to do it straight away, the inner most bit looks save-able from underneath, but even if its worse than it looks should be an easy one to make myself :)

    Pic 1 is an art piece entitled: 'Some people shouldn't be allowed welders'.. Enjoy...


    Pic 2 is much better...

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  8. After having a long read of Diddymen's resto thread, I have decided more bits are needed before I do the sill, but thankfully I have just sold some more of those engine parts I had lying around for more than I expected to, so I should be able to get the outriggers/jacking points bundle come the end of the week :)
    Another small step closer....
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  9. Wow, just read all this thread. Its "Inspirational" hat off to you keep up the great work :hattip::hattip:
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  10. Thanks very much Madpad :) Decent updates coming soon I hope!
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  11. Was having a bit of a mental blip about my bus tonight...
    Mainly because I know I'm trying to make my bus nice on a budget of practically nothing, and that I've spent easily enough so far to have bought a much tidier bus that works, (just shy of £7k, just for interests sake), and am left with a bus that is rusty all over, with a slider I cant open because it will never close, wont turn over and is empty inside.. All I can say is I wish I'd found this site before I bought it!!

    But just having a quick read through my thread, you guys have said so many nice and positive things about the 'progress' pics, (use that term loosely as I dont seem to have got anywhere at all at this point), has re-motivated me somewhat. So thanks for that people. :)
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  12. A quick teaser of whats been happening...

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  13. Dude chin up, there will be times when you could throw the hat in, I certainly did on more than one occasion, after nearly six years, we are getting there and very close to an MOT. Every little bit done is a little bit less to do :thumbsup:
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  14. Cheers man, I know it will be worth it in the end :) Its very rare I get that feeling, just every so often when I'm overtired, or when I need to get somewhere urgently.. Living 18 miles from the nearest tesco can be a pain in the bum when you have no transport apart from a massive rusty garden ornament!
    But as always, its the kind words from you guys that always very quickly extinguish any thought of selling up and buying a fast car!

    You can just about see in that pic the bottom bit of the D pillar now is actually metal, which has helped with the motivation somewhat!
    Just need to buy a whole host of things to make me a lot poorer and I will be underway again.
    Its not even the crazy price of panels thats screwing me at the moment, I'm getting through consumables at an alarming rate!!
    But then again, I knew full well it was going to be like that before I started. The main thing I need to do is find a job!
    Also something very difficult living miles from anywhere and with 2 buses a day that are completely oblivious to the hours people work..
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  15. I found taking time out from Gusbus every now and again helped, when I felt refreshed I'd do a list of jobs and (most of the time) get them done & dusted!

    It will come good fella, stick with it & jobz a good un :lol:
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  16. Ive an outer rear arch panel here if you need it dude
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  17. Yeah, for sure Mork. I've been taking a few days off from the bus every now and then, it does help.
    I've also been sleeping in it quite a lot, which definitely helps!! The only time I sleep properly is in the bus at the moment, wake up feeling all refreshed and nice :)

    Also, we have wild swallows nesting in the little workshop now, which I dont particularly want to blind with the welder,
    so I've been trying to cause much less havoc in there than usual.

    And yes please Para!!! How much? :)
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  18. You can never live too far from Tesco's!!

    Good luck mate, at least it's progressing
  19. The bottom of the rear corners do like to rot a little don't they?;)
    Mine looked like this:

    Rebuilt them to look like this:
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  20. Cheers Joker :)

    And nice one Zebedee, looks like you did a grand job with that!! :hattip: Hope mine will look like that soon!

    Need a new spot weld drill bit though cus the last one I bought was pants :(

    (edit: 100 posts!! I'm coming for you Para ;) ahaha!)
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