Chinese Night heater 2Kw

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by bluerustybucket, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. I am
    tempted to go to techenders, but wasn’t sure if this would be doable in that time. Sounds like it would be
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  3. As said by Malc, it needs one hole drilled , or 3 smaller holes and an live and earth. Excellent bit of kit to have

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  4. Baysearcher

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    Which did you buy @Louey and was it the full kit?
  5. Or 7 if you want to bolt it down :)
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  6. 20190202_112545.jpg 20190202_112509.jpg This is the finished system. I've turned my fuel can in to a tank with a breather.
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  7. Used wood to make a false floor a bit higher than standard
  8. Oops, forgot about that - mine replaced my Eberspacher so I didn't have to drill any holes

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  10. redoxide

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    Mine just arrived via royal mail.. all intact, everything in the box, just as ordered. Ebay, million billion .. £127 all in .. 10 litre fuel tank is a bit overkill so probably will look for a smaller alternative . Look forward to fitting it in the spring . Jut in time for the new ice age.. :)
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  11. It is a bit of a lottery at the moment. Basically there are two types of dimensional units 2kw and 5kw. The 2kw is a smaller dimensionally unit more easily fitted if space is at a premium and we don't really need much more heat output in our vans. But they can supply 5kw units derated too 2kw or 3kw. You are not always sure that you will get a 2kw or 5kw size if you order a 2kw heater as the true 2kw seems to be the most popular and is in short supply so they send a low output 5kw or even just a 5kw. I ordered a 2kw from millionbillon on Ebay and recieved a true 2kw in 8 days, I ordered another 2kw from industry village on Ebay and received an actual 5kw unit in four days.
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  12. 60p a litre for me, I get it from a heating oil supplier and they have standard fuel station style pumps.

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  13. Baysearcher

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    Got a link @redoxide?
    I just searched for million billion and found someone selling man leggings...

    Edit: Found them!
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  14. Poptop2

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    5kw is a lot of heat.
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  15. I do as well, they do kero and red from the pump I take a couple of 20l jerry cans and fill them, but there are regional variations and small quantities cost more than bulk. If you have oil fired central heating you can get it for under 50ppl but usually a minimum order of 500l
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  16. Mine came from million billion. No problems. Man leggings from M&S.
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  17. "the true 2kw seems to be the most popular and is in short supply"
    The 2kw is size 32.5 x 11 x 11cm - anyone have good a link to one as the link I had has changed to the 5KW size.
  18. By the way where is that? Trying to build a database where small quantities are available from the pump.
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  19. Poptop2

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    Filled my tank today cost £4.60. The last time I filled it was Feb 2nd last year. Used it quite a bit too.
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  20. redoxide

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    I suspect the heater that arrived today may be the 5cwt size but its stickered up as 2kw.. The physical size is quite large, I havent measured it but on the face of it, it appears larger than the dimensions above

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