Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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  1. Easy to tell, if the inlet, exhaust ports and fuel inlet on the underside are in the centre it is a 2kw case, if they are closer to one end it is a 5kw case.
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    had a look and mine of off center, but its stuffed full of heat exchanger and is pretty weighty , is it the 5kw gubbins as well?
  3. Yes, just derated to 2kw
  4. [​IMG]
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    Im a bit thick when it come to these type of gadjets .. If it derated, does that mean the internals have some sort of gizmo adjusted so it doesnt provide full power OR have they just added a 2kw sticker and called it done .. ? and sold it for the 2kw price in which case ive scored .. not that im ever that lucky..
  6. It is the ecu settings that control the output, but yes it could be sticker job. the way to find out is to measure the fuel consumption at full chat, under 0.25l per hour is a 2kw, 0.5lph it's 5 kw.
  7. I’ve ordered this one:

    Yet to arrive, ordered on the 28th, so can’t verify the size, but the image in the picture (2 of 9) shows 39 x 11 x 12 cm which should be the 2kW version. Will update when it arrives.
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  8. I believe another way to tell the true size is that the 2kw has the intake and exhaust stubs centrally on the base but with the 5kw they are off to one end, about a third of the way up.
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    My 5kw Webasto was massive compared to my 2kw heater. I mean almost 3 times the physical size!
  10. It arrived! The expected date was the 26th but arrived on the 6th or 7th. Not too bad really. All looks good, well packaged etc and no damage. Next step will be to get it fired up in the bench before installing it. And it is a 2kW version. It’s approximately 32 x 11 x 12 cm with ~60mm outlet.
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  11. Finally managed to set up my new heater
    Nice n toasty working on the bus today.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. Looks great!
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  13. Mine arrived, and indeed it is a 5KW rebadged as a 2KW, I'm going to see how it fits, but I was just wondering is there any way of getting the extra heat out of it, new controler perhaps? I know 5kw is a lot but what about having the door open and heating the awning. Just a thought.:thinking:
  14. Just measure the fuel consumption running flat out first to see what it actually is, under 0.25lph=2kw/0.5lph=5kw.
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  15. Thanks @Bigherb I was wondering though if it was programmed for 2KW output could it be cranked up? Or are they just sending 5KW units that give 5KW but badge them as 2KW? I'll put it together in the shed first and make sure its working, I might test the fuel consumption then.:)
  16. When one of these heaters has been runni g a while the hot air outlet will get hot enough to melt the box.(130 C) .. and as for the exhaust that gets very hot. I expect your box will end up looking a bit worse for wear, and the smell of burning plastic may become a bit potent as it folds over the exhaust..

    On boats the exhaust from this sort of heater when combined with an awning or cockpit cover recirculating exhaust gas into the air inlet has worked as a pretty effective feed of carbon monoxide and people have died.
    It needs to go well away from you..

    I bet if it had been a LPG gas powered one you would have had much more doubt about the installation as we are all taught to be scared of gas installations .
  17. Heaters been running 10 days 24hrs
    & no sign of anything melting.
    The exhaust is only 1inch and it's passing through a 2 inch hole so I think it'll be fine.
    But thanx for your concern mate

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  18. I’ve fitted a carbon monoxide alarm under my dash just in case.
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    My main battery was a bit sluggish this morning after running the heater on it all night, but the van started and it is a diesel 2.4. Happy with the heater and probably now ready to hook in the leisure battery.
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  20. Running mine of a 240v - 12v power supply at the mo.
    Happy dayz [​IMG]

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