Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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  1. I test ran it today in the shed, the fuel consumption was very consistent and worked out at 414ml per Hour, so I guess its a real 5KW and the stickers can't be believed. I think I'll just set it up to draw air from outside instead of recirculating it. I never planned on leaving it on, just a 10 min blast to take the edge off, ever so often.:)
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  2. Fitted a 2kw version under my rear bench.

    So far so good, the heat it kicks out is amazing, happy I took the plunge and bought one for the sake of £115.

    Running on parifin, fuel kept in a washer bottle up front and fuel pump in a junction box on the chassis rail. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Recirculating the hot air is a great idea
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  4. It is best mount the pump the same as a Facet pump with the outlet higher to bleed any trapped air as you get cavitation bubbles with these types of pump.
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  5. Also Eberspacher pumps. They like to pump “uphill”.
  6. Finally managed to fit the diesel heater in time for techenders.[​IMG]

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  7. Intresting, I wanted to mount mine underslung but due to it being slightly lowered it wasn't possible

    Looks good dude.

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  8. Its probably only about 1.5 inches lower than the chassis.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. Hi all, did anyone witht the Blue panel and Red remote have problems getting the remote into English? It should be just keep the OK button pressed but it isn't working for me.:thinking:


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  12. There are some of those remotes that are Chinese only.
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  13. Thanks @iblaze i saw that clip, but it didn't work for me. I think it either may be faulty or as @Bigherb says its just in Chinese, although I'd say it isn't working in Chinese either. Whats the world coming to if you cant even trust Chinese Manufacturing Quality:rolleyes: On the plus side the heater is installed and seems to be working fine, I just fancied being able to turn on the heating without getting out of bed:)
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  14. Yeah there great ive just installed one in my mates T4
    He's looking forward to defrosting it from his bed lol.

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  15. Poptop2

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    The one I fitted to my T4 is still going strong apparently. That’s nearly two years without issue.
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  16. Bought my 2kW for the camper in Dec 17 for £112 now they are sub £80, been used regularly ever since. 5kW in the garage used for 8hrs a day never been any problems with them.
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  17. I’ve got a 5kw in the garage, 2nd winter coming up.
    I think if they’re correctly installed and primed properly they’re reliable and a great buy.
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  18. I sorted the remote today after bit of a think. The Chinese bit of the screen was flickering when the button was pushed so perhaps it was going on and off and not a steady on which was needed to switch it to English. I had already tried two sets of batteries which I had tested and they were fine. However I have had an Issue in the past with rechargeable batteries not having enough voltage to run a device. So I popped in some Alkaline batteries and its working perfectly.:thumbsup: Simple when you know:easter:
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  19. Hi. I'm wondering how the OP or anyone else has got on having a 2kw heater hooked up to the existing hot air ducting (instead of it being connected to the heat exchangers). I'm thinking of doing the same, but worried about whether it will run too hot for the existing internal ducting and melt the plastic. Thanks.
  20. No problem with mine

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