Chinese Night heater 2Kw

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by bluerustybucket, Oct 8, 2018.

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  2. That says 24 volt ?
  3. He says it’s a link to the seller, not necessarily the heater he bought.
  4. Photos...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. I was discussing these heaters with a guy who specifies kit for expensive yachts. He told me he was fitting one of the Chinese heaters to his own boat because they were so much cheaper than the Eberspacher/Webasto you can afford several Chinese heaters for the price of one European..
  6. As @77 Westy says, thats the seller, the heater i purchased is not listed but you can probably find it
  7. Yeah but I didnt read that bit lol
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  10. @bluerustybucket thanks very much. It looks good

    A few quick questions

    How do you switch between heating the front window and getting hot air to the back of the bus?

    Where in the bus is the internal warm air inlet that feeds the heater?

    I'm hoping for a system that would allow me to use my existing/original heating pipes/holes.
    I have two red and one blue lever at the front.
    There are 'pipes' to the screen, 'pipes' to the beer can sized dash holes, vents near driver and passenger legs (no idea if they are plumbed in or how to control them), plus small floor vent from behind the walkthrough facing the rear bench seat

    Thanks very much

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  11. I think you have the same Dashboard as me, one Blue and two red levers ? the diesel heater is connected into the existing system but without heat exchangers,
    So blue lever still does the fresh air from the front vent (windscreen & beer can dash holes)
    Right hand red lever controls the two flaps (depending on where it is positioned)
    1. by your feet, so either screen or feet
    2. underneath between the front seats
    the left hand red lever controls the heat exchanger flaps (so on mine does nothing)

    I've used the 'Y' section over the rear axle as the recirculating air (blocked one side off and the other sends a pipe through the floor into the bed box

    Hope you see what i mean ?
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  12. Cheers... nice install! I have exchangers still (type 4) might plumb one into the rear vent system underneath for camping and keep original system for window while driving.

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  13. i was just about to tag you @Deefer66
    What you could do is put a 3 way valve in the system giving you either OG system or diesel ?
    something like this
  14. Nice!..

    was wondering if that could be an option but wasn't sure where I could break in to system easily or get something like that splitter...

    . the rear only option was a cop out as it just needs duct moving over from current splitter to heater...

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  15. Very nice installation! I’d be tempted to install a underslung tank and guess it only needs to be small as from what.
    I gather it uses barely between .5-1ltr per night ?

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  16. Filling an underslung could be a pain...

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  17. its only a 5lt tank, i think they quote 0.25l per hour on flat out for a 2kW (you wouldn't want it on flat out for long)
    the plastic tank isn't ideal in the engine bay (metal one would be better,but as yet haven't found one) although its been fine all summer, ive checked it after a few long runs even in the heat we had in the summer !
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  18. I really wouldn't fit a Chinese heater to a boat :eek:
  19. Metal gerry can with a outlet drilled in?....

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  20. Yes! It would. Perhaps a plastic 5ltr tank within a Ali hinged box. This could be either removed for filling or maybe ..... just thinking .... a metre longish filler hose with cap , that can easily unclipped for filling.

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