Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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  1. Father in law has an 8kw in his workshop its a triple garage that was knocked into 1, then he had it rebuilt, insulated and plaster boarded. Its probably 3 and a half standard old en block garage size as it does off on a slant. It got to 19 in there today. In 9 days its done about £8 worth of diesel
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  2. I run mine mainly on kerosene, 79p per ltr from a forecourt pump.
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  3. On the Isle of Wight mate, we have only just progressed from coal and logs :)
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  4. Should be a cleaner burn too.:thumbsup:
  5. 20190202_071915.jpg Try driving this without a Chinese heater. Best £120 ever spent.
  6. These sound quite complicated to fit having read through the thread. Well complicated to the unskilled. Anywhere you can get them fitted?
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    They are possibly one of the easiest mods you can do. They are pretty much a self contained unit. If you can do up a jubilee. clip, drill an hole and follow simple instructions, then you can do it.

    The most important advice I will give though is, the exhaust has to work properly and vent out away from the van without leaks of any sort that might allow smoke back into the van. Get that bit right.

    Other than that there is a Facebook group called planar heaters, I'm sure he would fit a Chinese night heater for you. Or go to techenders and ask for help to do it. :thumbsup:
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    I used mine all day yesterday while I was out hill walking in the snow. I had thoughts I might have a flat battery when I got back as i only run it from the main,but all was fine and I was toasty when I got back in the van.
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  9. The hardest bit really is deciding where to fit it and you only really need a screwdriver and a drill.
  10. Is that red diesel? That's what I use on mine, costs virtually nowt to run. :)
  11. Mine isn't quite that big but is wood and uninsulated. 19 sounds lovely, the 5kw just takes the chill off. :(
  12. No, kerosene is similar to paraffin but not quite as refined, used as home heating oil, but still burns cleaner and less smell than Diesel if marginally less hot for the same amount of fuel,
    Red Diesel is white Diesel with a red dye for off road use and less tax but still 10ppl more from my supplier Tonbridge fuels.
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  13. What’s a juniper clip?
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    I just edited it- blinking spell checker!
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    Any current links to full kits people have used?
    There seems to be loads of different kits / sellers.
    Bought an old eber but thinking one of these may be a better option...
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  17. Yes, it's in the garage / workshop. I could do with one a bit bigger really as it's not insulated.

    I've been told 2kw is enough for a van but if I do get a 8kw I'll swop the 5kw to the van and open the windows. :)
  18. It was up to 18 yesterday, whats the settings I think the 5kw can be turned up, the large ones are all the same inside I think just turned up or down.
  19. Any idea how? I've joined the fb group but haven't been approved yet. I know how to switch it on and off but that's about it. The right hand red led on the heating scale does come on though.
    I'd like it to work as a thermostat but haven't worked out how yet.

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