Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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  1. I've heard 10amps for the 12v but I'll measure mine when I get new batteries for multimeter. Also the current draw is highest at start up while it heats the glowplug, once it's running they drop to a couple of amps as it's just running the fan motor.

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    I was seconds away from buying the 8kw one .. but having read the complete thread returned and bought the 2kw version with rotating knob .. Plan to mount it onthe chassis under the belly pan. For heat into the cab I was hoping to weld in a suitable piece of tube to the main heater tube in the van and just allow the heat to circulate via the dash vents.. When stopped I was thinking I might just set the heat exchangers to closed to keep as much heat going forward.. I run with them open pretty much all the time, keeps the van cosy .. and when it gets a bit too hot , I usually open the front vent or the windows :) Just wondering if that would work ? worth a try.. as Im not to keen on cutting any holes in the van.. although it wuldnt be the end of the world if needed ..
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  3. Ive just read a post on the fb forum
    Basically some guys done the same as me.
    Connected a 24v heater to a 12v battery by accident.
    All the teckies on there are saying it would have fried the motor, so mine maybe goingin the bin lol
    Just ordered another from million billion.
    Also im hoping to conect into the heater tube underneath bus too via som sort of Y connector
    I was also looking at fitting one of these tanks underneath..... thoughts??

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  4. Surely connecting a 12v to 24v will have fried it but 24v to 12v should just show low voltage and not work ?
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  5. did i read further up you have two 12v batteries ? try connecting them together to make 24v to check your heater
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  8. I wouldn't go to the bother. The main problem with the heating is the shear volume of the van to heat up, even with the vehicle heating working well the cold air currents from the back of the van make it feel drafty. Heating the back alleviates these problems. My 2kw heater is just mounted in a cuboard heating the back of the van. Even with temperatures below zero C the temperature inside is around 20C, once the van has warmed up the vehicle heaters have to be turned off/nearly off otherwise is gets too hot in there.


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  9. Likewise, I wouldn't bother piping into the van's heating system. A lot of these vans will have a propex or eber/chinese heater fitted nowadays - I think if you were worried about affecting the van's value or originality, a heater is one thing that would not lower it.

    Putting the heater in the back will direct the heat to the living area better too. As for the windscreen - my camper is a LWB Tranny and the heat comes out at the back in the kitchen area, yet it is able to lift the ambient temperature enough by the windscreen to melt the ice of the frozen windscreen. Personally. I would have bought one with the LCD controller as the timer is a great asset.
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  10. I can’t think how connecting a 24V unit to a 12V supply would damage it.
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  11. They were going on about 12v pushes 20amps
    But 24v would push 10amps so the motor would run at double the speed and burn out.....
    Are you confused cos i am

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  12. No mate i may try it this weekend
    Its just weather i can be boverd taking the battery off my work van.

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  13. 12v supply to a 24v motor, nothing will probably happen same as a dead battery on a starter = no damage. 24v supply to 12v motor will double the speed, this may cause issues. But as yours didn't run at all I can't see what the problem would be. For winch challenge events some people put 24v to a 12v winch when its not loaded to speed up the respooling of the winch cable:).
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  14. Doesn't sound right. If the motor draws 10A at 24V and the motor windings stay the same, it's only going to draw half that current at 12V.
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  15. Connect it to 1 battery, click the settings button (top left) untill you get 4 small dashes. Push the up or down arrow till you get a 1, push ok. Do up or down until the second digit is a 6, push ok. Do the same for the 3rd and 4th till they are an 8 then ok. Scroll down until it comes up 24v. Scroll it down to 12v :)
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  16. What if he's forgotten his PIN?
  17. They are all the same
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  18. I can't do that yet mick until the lcd controller turns up [​IMG]

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