Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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  1. You can get heat proof wrap for motorbike exhausts on ebay too, it's 'in fashion' at the moment. :rolleyes:
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  2. My heater turned up today - only took 10 days most if it should be easy to fit as it is replacing a D2 Eberspacher. I think the only pig of a job will be the loom as access will be tricky.
    I've just been chatting to a couple of the people I'm away with at he weekend and looks like we are fitting it Saturday daytime after the hangovers have gone. I'll let you know how good it is in a bigger van.

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  3. Hope it goes well. Check all the bits are there before you start, mine was missing a couple of jubilee clips for the exhaust but had loads of extra fuel pipe clips. Nothing to complain about but annoying if it holds the job up while you hunt for more.
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  4. Just checking it all now.

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  5. Once you have checked it throw the jubilee clips in the bin as they are crap, cut a thin slot in the exhaust pipe or it wont do up properly :) Ask me how I know !! No actually don't bother :)
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  6. I chucked the larger jubilee clips as they were poor. The fuel pipe ones seemed ok. Everything else in the kit was surprisingly good quality. Lots of lovely heat in the beetle now.
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  7. Got mine fired up in the garage tonight, the stuff in my kit seems to be decent quality as well. Just waiting for an exhaust silencer to arrive as it wasn't part of the spec and I'm going to put an inlet air filter in it as well as the combustion air inlet silencer. I occasionally do dusty stuff in the garage and want to keep the heater internals clean.

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  8. Yep, the jubilee clips for the exhaust was totally useless, fuel pipe seems ok - rapidly touching wood!
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  9. Do you know if the two controllers can be connected at the same time, so one can be fitted up front to control it while driving and one in the back to control while camping?

    Though having a remote may negate that need.
  10. I don't know what the 'remote control' that came with mine actually does. It's only got two buttons, with symbols that look like 'lock' and 'unlock' but no other buttons or anything. Pressing either button seems to have no effect on the heater control.

    So far I can manually switch it on and off but no idea how to use a thermostat setting or timer, that I believe are there somewhere. If only it came with a manual! :(
  11. Try this facebook page. Lots of info in the files section

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  13. The remote might not be paired to the heater, you may have to do it manually.
  14. I finally got the heater fitted, xmas, family gatherings and illness got in the way of fitting before.

    I'm glad I didn't have to drill a big hole in the van as I was replacing an Eberspacher.

    If you're not fitting it close to the battery then replace the provided live with some thicker cable - I was given some 6mm. Place your earth close to the heater - thee both help avoid too much voltage drop/loss.

    I'm away for a few days so I can give it a proper test

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  15. Hopefully, the timer will have worked and it should be nice and toasty in the camper. I'll find out in a few minutes

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  16. It was but I didn't have any signal in the camper.[​IMG]

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  17. I've heard of the site, it sounds really useful. But I refuse to join fb so can't access it. :(
  18. cant fault you ! full of tosh...
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  19. Thank goodness, I had strange visions of you coming home to a real fire!
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