Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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  1. 2nd muffler on the inlet would drop the noise level. Less than a tenner.
  2. which one? do you have a link?
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  4. Ah, I see they are exhaust silencers so are they useable on the inlet? Not sure...
    I ask because I fitted an inlet silencer to my Eber B3L which cost nearly 50 quid:eek:
    It's not massively robust IMO, although it has lasted this last year and all the crap we've thrown at it, so it may need replacing soon. It's a flexible black tube about 60cm long and is exceptionally effective. I was curious as to whether there was a viable alternative that someone has actually used and can verify works well?
    Without the silencer the induction noise can be heard in space!!:thumbsup:
    @EggBoxes ??

  5. Im not sure either TBH ! but mine could do with something better than supplied on the intake as that is the noisiest bit of mine when its flat out....
  6. Initially thought a second exhaust in the inlet but hadn't considered the pressure drop.
    Are the exhaust mufflers free flowing.

    The existing rear bellow mufflers for van heaters, comprising a coil and glass fibre/felt are surprisingly effective.
    Straight forward to construct if the heater turns out to be too noisy.
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  7. I think for £2.53 the one I linked is worth a try
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  8. Possibly, I just don't know how 'balanced' these things need to be? I guess that's why I went for the OG fitment on the first instance. It was easier to chuck that on and drive rather than find the cheapo one didn't let it breathe properly...
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  9. Btw, Eber have specifications for exhaust gas analysis in their maintenance manuals. I guess in the interests of ensuring the burn is efficient @pkrboo .
    I don't have the kit to test so its a wing and a prayer on a 30 year old bomb under the rear seat.
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  10. I have a inlet hose with a filter fitted its quite it came with it but can take a pic at weekend when it's light .. but i cant really hear mine running apart from the pump it ticks but you get use to it .
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  11. I got one in the van its for sale if anyone wants it?
  12. [​IMG][​IMG] you need this for a night heater. It’s never been used and bought new he’ll I’ll even throw two brackets in if someone offer me the right money;)

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    There’s a good write up on the T4 forum about induction mufflers. My truck night heater has one and it’s almost silent.

    The Chinese night heater in my T4 doesn’t, but it’s still very much quieter than my old webasto, and any eberspacher I’ve ever heard!
  14. @theBusmonkey 'It's a flexible black tube about 60cm long'
    Does the thinner tube run all the way through or is it just 2 short lengths into the larger tube chamber,
    any wadding in it?
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  15. I have no idea what's inside @EggBoxes .
    For 50 quid it'd have to be something special, and I couldn't stand the disappointment if I slit it open to find it filled with dried peas or something equally inexpensive.
    It does work. As Malc says above, the eber is outstandingly noisy without silencing. I don't really want to take it off to have a look in case I damage it. Maybe butler technic or Bowers could enlighten us. I may drop them a line to find out why it is the length and shape it is.
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  17. Still just £116 from HERE :thumbsup:
  18. Well finally got the heater in and working. The wall is actually 1.75 inch, thicker than I thought, quite pleased about that.

    Really hot and the exhaust hasn't set it alight ... yet! I'm planning to put a cut down small clay plant pot (with the base cut off) around the exhaust pie anyway.
    Just out of interest I tried the baby muffler on the intake. No change in heat but a definite reduction in sound, would be a real bonus on the camper.
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  19. You could get some fibreglass blanket - an old fire blanket mebbe? - and wrap the exhaust in it where it goes through the planking?
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