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  1. It's sad that people still believe in stuff that was written century's ago for power and control and can't see the great leaps forward we have made in science and the understanding we have made of the world , planets and universe :(
  2. Indeed, unfortunately religion is still given special treatment - religions are just ideologies and should be treated as such. If somebody wants to be religious, fine, they can be religious but they shouldn't think it gives them special privileges and their views shouldn't be given any greater weight than anybody else's. It doesn't help when we have Cameron, Johnson, Clegg, Brand etc queuing up to lie about the nature of a religion.
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    I can't agree more :thumbsup: In my book anyone who actually believes in any religion be it Christianity, Islam or any other has got a screw lose and I can't take them seriously
  4. Religion isn't a rational choice but then neither is driving a 40 year old camper van.
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    I'll pray for you tomorrow :)
  6. Why, is God only available on Sundays?
  7. which god?
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    I'm a bit busy today!
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  9. How shall we worship thee oh silver haired pop top buggering god?
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  11. i hope he dropped the soap!
  12. He wont need his teeth anyway for the next few weeks.
  13. all praise the Mazda Bongo!
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  14. "All hail McVivien,thaine of corridor and that little gravelly patch behind the garden shed."


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