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  1. It's a terrible law. Under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 the koran (and probably the bible) is illegal
  2. By voicing the subject this can be taken as an indicator of latent subconcious racism even though the author sincerely believes the opposite to be true . Or so it is believed in some circles.
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    How on earth can a law which makes it an offence to incite hatred against a person on the grounds of their religion manage to outlaw the Koran and the Bible
  4. Well the Bible does have a few references to committing what we would call genocide by King David in the name of his God and equally evidently the Koran has a few regarding treatment of non-believers.
  5. Read the Koran, lots of incitement against non believers and polytheists (Christians)
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    Well you're all far too well read for me. I've never read either the Koran or the Bible or even the Torah.

    We have all the laws we need in this country if they are applied fairly and without exception to everyone in this country irrespective of who they are, where they came from or what they believe. Only then can a multi cultural society function properly
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  7. One teeny thought away from what constitutes racism, Islam et al. How the devil do the doctors and nurses attending to the two alleged terrorists manage to keep their professionalism and not allow personal feeling to perhaps cloud their clinical judgement? To them I give my respect...I don't know if I could do it.
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  8. Nick Clegg's at it now


    That's not the whole verse is it Nick?
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    We're going round in circles and on that basis I'm out!
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  10. Otherwise known as ,Fritt, if those blokes are conscious ? are they refusing treatment ? my life was saved and I mean saved by a Iraq born consultant many years ago , I love that guy ,(he had option of amputate my legs (bloody motorbikes !) or operate to save them ,which he did (operate) now I don" t now and never have had a raciest bone in my skinny little body, but I do think of that which seems to be omitted in these situations , which perhaps is nieve of me, but really> its ok you hate me (,apparently ),all I stand for (in their eyes) but when push comes to shove ,when the life is oozing out of you ,really ,you(read them)don" t really care who is administering the life saving goodies ,do they ?if ,in my opinion ,they were "real" they should have topped themselves >now >? the will become most likely torch carriers for their cause , please do not think my opinion is that they should be denied treatment ,it is testament to our civility that they will get what we would all expect to receive,medical wise.What"s to do eh? how I wish I knew. one thing thou ,anyone wrote a letter re this to their MP/Prime Minister ?
  11. By asking this question, you will need to take the red pill and go into the rabbit hole.
  12. 20-1 in 40 years? Doubt there'll be an Attenborough nod for that assessment!
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    Yep, or I could get on with my life......
  14. Anyone "Googled" EDL ?(English Disco Lovers) > Interesting /funny /proper and given the last 24 hours a (imo)more realistic ,achievable way of peacefully bringing about change by protest.>>I'm in ! (off to find that Jackson 5 album)
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  15. Perhaps I am becoming paranoid and getting in tight with the tinfoil hat brigade. All ive heard today depresses me greatly and perhaps explains the over reaction. I cant believe theres any conivance but it seems those who want to erode our liberty and log our internet use and spy on our emails etc. are using this to justify their actions (opportunism?).

    As for the over reaction in the media - plenty of incidents reported and a copy-cat stabbing of a french soldier. I really am beginning to think that those who I beleieved to be inept and over-reacting may have far sinister motives and potentially their prophecy self fulfilling.

    By all means tell me if im putting two and two together and getting significantly more than i should or whether my eyes are being opened!
  16. Only an observation ,D.Cameron calls a meeting of COBRA has a sound bite /photo call and? is now back on holiday .Taking it serious then and showing the public he is leading from the front?
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  17. I can't think why certain people are pushing this internet act thing. I've absolutely no doubt that if the security services want to monitor you, they can do it (or are doing it) already. They have more than enough existing powers, I'd think, to do their job.
  18. Yer probably right!
  19. Well, to be (very reluctantly) fair to the guy, there's not much he can do...

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