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  1. i dont know to much about all this but why done the second biggest religon all stande up and condem this action and past attacks and hunt them all out as best they can i never see no muslims stand up and campain agains this
    this must help ??
  2. Some do, I posted an article by Tarek Fatah earlier. Most just say it's nothing to do with islam. Weirdly if you draw a picture of mohammad there will be death and destruction as people rage about defaming their prophet yet if somebody kills a man while shouting allahu Akbar and quoting the Koran there are no mass riots about him defaming their religion. I am not sure how that works.
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    Oh - I think we all know how THAT works....

  4. yes when it suit.
    it a shame but i thing we will never win there is allways nutters in all reilfgon just more in the muslim faith and trying to drive it down every bodys neck and killings etc
  5. It's a proselytising religion so they do try to convert people, which is fine - if some people want to accept a load of ancient myths and folk tales headed up a god who thinks the sun sets in a muddy puddle that's up to them. However in many muslim majority countries people of other faiths proselytising muslims is illegal and people who convert from islam face the death penalty or jail time - and in some (Saudi Arabia, Maldives) any religion other than islam is illegal.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Take away oil money and a lot of the middle east is basically medieval.
  7. What do people think of this?

  8. I think I don't like the Luton accent (although I lived there until I was 7) - say what you like about andy choudary and his merry band of beards and nazgul, he is honest about what islam teaches - Nick Clegg has just been lying about islam at an inter-faith gathering in London - I'd rather choudary talk about islam than clegg.

    Of course it is possible to be a muslim without paying heed to the barbarous parts of it and I guess most do
  9. I admire her for keeping her cool...
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  10. i sorry but seeing that film above they can all go home as if it that bad here why stay ???
    sod of back to you home land where you can pratices the muslim faith then
  11. I live in Keighley...this kind of thing happens all the time, anytime a member of the community is arrested, the town is besieged until the person is released.
    The grooming thing that has 'just come to light' had been going on round here for years (it happened when I was at School - not to me I might add) and due to 'community relations' it has been ignored until recently.
    There are large areas of the town that are no go areas...mainly due to groups of youths, whom the elders no longer seem to have any direction or control over.
    unfortunately the triggers behind the riots in Bradford and Burnley haven't gone away, only the TV cameras have moved on!
  12. I have a friend who I get taxis from...I know him well enough to discuss this kind of thing openly and his opinion is 'why would i want to go to a dump like that, life is easier here even if I don't work I get paid..in Pakistan my family would starve!'
  13. They are home, they are all (or at least most of them) brits. They just want to change it into a land of savagery and barbarism. They can keep wanting.
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    Seriously saying that takes away the hatred they are spreading. You are presuming none are British.
    Hatred on either side is wrong and spreading hate is wrong everyone should be treated equal.

    So the white British working man that hates police and thinks women look cheap etc where should we send them or is that ok?
  15. but on the back of this he and most consider themselves British and want to be British....maybe dual Nationality as a compromise!
  16. Anne Cryer when she was Keighley MP mentioned grooming etc many times over the years and got into quite a bit of bother about it. She has been vindicated - those who let it happen have damaged many lives.

    There's a good article in the Telegraph today about the word "community"

  17. Perhaps the time has come for our politicians to be a bit more open about what is going on....there must be a limit to how many times these events can be passed off as just a few extremists. One wonders what drives their silence .
  18. Many of them will have been born here...

    This makes me question why they would then want to continue to live here if it's so terrible?

    they blatantly said they only follow the law of islam and not our laws... how is this right...

    I know not all Muslim's act like this and hold these belieds but there were a lot there at that protest and that guy pointing in her face was so angry aggressive and rude. What can people do but stand and watch? If people speak up they are racist? :(
  19. She was savaged by the PC crew who called her racist on one side and the muslim community on the other side - like you say she was correct on every point
  20. a policemen friend of mine was followed home, his wife and kids menaced and followed because he arrested a guy with 45 outstanding parking tickets (for parking on the zigzags area on a pelican crossing out side his shop).....and the Police did nothing to even protect their own officer, he resigned from the force he was so shocked.

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