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  1. to be honest everything is sold on....the Government is the most likely NOT to do that!
    I do a lot of marketing and even using something as simple as Facebook I can easily use their data files to fine and advertise direct to a one legged, gay, pushbiking person who has more than one dog and listens to opera and lives in Norflok...the info that people put in and the pages they like categorises people so easily!
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    Although that is mostly true, what about the DVLA? They sell millions of people's details annually.
  3. Muslims do join the army. but we know at least one of the murderers has been associated in the past with Anjem Choudary who wouldn't regard a muslim british soldier as being a proper muslim - choudary also doesn't think Shi'its are proper muslims or Ahmadis (most muslims don't consider ahmadis as muslims - Pakistani passport forms demand muslims state ahmadis aren't muslims)

    This wasn't a racist attack
  4. yep...good point!
  5. true, there as huge divisions between sects/groups in the same religion...that is fuelling the problems across the Middle East & Syria especially
  6. Pretty much everywhere - Shi'ites are regularly slaughtered in Pakistan. Ahmadis get it in the neck wherever they are - there is even an organisation in London, The Khatme Nubuwwat Academy, which exists to hate the Ahmadis - also if the BBC etc ever refer to ahmadis as muslims or their places of worship as mosques they get a very stern letter from the muslim council of Britain.
  7. again, at this point it is all speculation. only those young men know why they did it and given their propensity for cameras, i assume we will find out their reasoning.

  8. This guy sums it all up.

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  9. They told us why they did it - because he is a british soldier and the Koran tells them to kill people fighting muslims - they even referenced the sura in the Koran they used to justify it
  10. Man I think it all sucks...all of this could have been avoided If.....

    a) Brainwashing about whose imaginary friend is real and right led to a balanced discussion.

    b) On the 27th November 1095 pope Urban the 2nd hadn't responded to the Byzantines and ordered the first crusade against Muslims.

    c) Certain members of the human race were not inherently evil.
  11. I'm sure one of the earlier references to a page stated that the references he used were only valid to Jews, And he pulled out the bit that worked for him
  12. The crusades have nothing to do with any of it - I know some muslims like to bang on about them and in the gulf they use them as an excuse to force western companies to remove crosses from their logos (Victorinox, Swatch, Real Madrid etc) and lets not forget that the crusades followed centuries of muslim aggression against Christendom - the Levant and North Africa was christian until the muslims conquered it, then there were the various campaigns against Rome - the Leonine walls around the Vatican are that big for a reason. Then there was the conquering of spain and campaigns into france, then Sicily etc etc etc. If they want to cry and tear their hair out about the crusades they are being hypocrites. And half the reason the crusades originally succeeded was because of sectarianism amongst the muslims - they were often too busy fighting themselves. I think half the reason arabs get so upset about the crusades is because arabs were useless in them - it wasn't until a Kurd (Saladin) and a Turk (Baybars) took control that they made any impact - and Saladin had to conquer Egypt first to turn it from a Shi'ite to a Sunni country.
  13. "the opiate of the masses" :rolleyes:
  14. No he didn't mention that. I quoted it because its a verse often misquoted by people trying to show islam as a peaceful ideology when in fact that verse applies only to jews.
  15. But surely the Crusades were the building blocks for the hatred that exists between these two ideoligies.....I do find it mad that most of the crusades started with genocide of the Jewish populations of southern Europe before they all went for a stroll to the holyland.:confused:
  16. There was hatred before the crusades - unless you think Christians being murdered en masse and having their lands overrun for 600 years prior to the crusades wasn't any reason to feel a bit aggrieved but when Christians pushed back all of a sudden there was a problem.

    The Koran is full of hatred against Christianity

    The crusades ended up furthering Islamic expansion - one of the last crusades brought the byzantine empire to its knees and sacked Constantinople leaving the way clear for the turks to invade.

  17. The real problem is how people with power and influence in their communities can attract easily manipulated individuals, feed selected reasonings, nurture them and turn them into killers to attack the society they are part of...these individuals need to be addressed - Anjem Choudary and Hamza et al from the Muslim side and equally a few from the BNP, but there is a huge difference between the usual crap BNP come out with and the EXTREME VIOLENCE preached by Hamza and a few others.

    The vast majority of any community are just struggling through every day life....there are just a few in any religion/group/society who need to be removed from society
  18. The rise of Islam is in many respects a massive step backwards as far as civilization goes, could it be the fear of many men that if they don't continue with this medieval belief, then the women of the house will wear the trousers and say no to there physical needs ? I am, as usual, having trouble making sense out all this seemingly senseless brutality. Why in 2013 is this stuff still relevant....think I'll see if I can restart the Night Templars ....just for the hell of it.
  19. To be fair, at certain points in history Islamic civilisation made great strides forward in Science and Arts - although many of the "muslims" who did much of the science were atheists, they just happened to be living in muslim countries under muslim rulers who encouraged learning. That's a long time ago, islam has been left behind, there was no enlightenment in muslim countries, religion still holds them back and progress has ossified. How many jewish nobel prize winners and how many muslim winners? The contrast is very stark. Pakistan has a nobel prize winner for physics but he was an ahmadi and was persecuted. With the spread of gulf money and wahhabism and it's offshoots I can't see any progress being made, in fact it is regressing.
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    Is it a rise?

    Or is it more communication outlets.

    Reminds me a little of the joy riders and dangerous dogs epidemics of the 90's - there was no rise, just more people heard about it/reported it.

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