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  1. hailfrank

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    Racism is not just aimed at white people.

    Shall we post up a video of the hatred spread by a fascist demo and say all white people are racist and should go somewhere?

    Can't believe people judge a whole group of people on the actions of a few.

    No matter how I try to ignore this thread and see it as just a very small thread on Tlb it seriously disappoints me reading the views of some in here. I know politics and religion will never be one sided but there's only a couple on here standing up against racist comments.
    I won't give up and if I have stand by myself for my values I will.
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  2. The PC mob wove their spells very efficiently - anybody speaking out was denounced as racist (or the neologism pushed by the OIC, islamophobic) - in the meantime lives were shattered and extremism flourished
  3. race isn't being discussed
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  4. Re the vid of religious nut jobs telling the infidel they will go to hell, you don't have to be a muslim to do that, anyone familiar with Westboro Baptist Church in the US, Louis Theroux did a doc on them a few years back?
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  5. I havn't seen any aggressivley racist comments...the odd derogatory term or badly chosen comment, but a reasonably frank discussion from parties from all sides...I would agree overt racism should not be allowed (but who would decide what crosses the line?)
    in reality people in any group will have views from each end of the scale and have the right to express them (even if they are wrong!!)

    I agree the BNP are not a well balanced cross section of the white population either!
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  6. hailfrank

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    You know what's being written. I'm not getting into an argument about whether its race/religion.

    I'm sure hitler murdered based on religion but was a racist. How many people stood by and didn't try to stand up and voice concern? Well I for one never want to see that happen again.
  7. hailfrank

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    Bugger I did get drawn into an argument.
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  8. if they are born here then why try change it for the worst and i am not spreading hate look and think before you typw i am stating that if they want to kill police and rape women and kill army people and public then go where they can be happy if there born here or not.
    so you can tell me that i can go to a strict muslim state and march and say things like thay can?? yes or no?? no is the anwser so why can they here

    thats waht i am saying and as i said on a other page all religions have nutters but muslims are the worst well for now ok halifrank
  9. Hitler murdered jews if they were religious or not (plus plenty of other people) - it was race not religion to him
  10. that should be classed as incitement and taken as a crime, no matter what colour or creed the agressor is, especially with it being caught on tape
  11. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    I agree its obviously incitement and should be challenged and dealt with according to our law system.
  12. you cannot say noting to many do gooders around so one small thing thats not racist and there on the defence
    thats why the country the way it is to many of them if it was me i bring back hanging and hang all pedos and murders and terrosits
    now wating for the do gooders comments
  13. ^this. I don't see anything overtly racist on this thread.
  14. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    I said spreading hate by anyone is wrong. I was not saying you. I challenged your comments about sending them all home and said you presumed they weren't British.
    I think if anyone doesn't like this country they are free to move on.
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    The thing is - we all have the right to peaceful protest, the difference is - they can be bothered we can't !

    Whether we agree with their protests or reasoning behind it or not they have the right and exercise it .

    Muslims or imigrant's won't ruin Britain , we will , because of our indifference !
  16. no i know some are born here but think they was not they go on about america and england but choice to live here so it can not be that bad and they all where nike and british cloths and thats two faced as well
  17. They can wear what they like. Nike was the Greek goddess of victory - given the Koran is very adamant about hating polytheists you'd have thought they wouldn't be too keen on wearing trainers with the name of a goddess from a polytheist pantheon written on them
  18. You're just nit-picking now, paley ;)
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  19. Remember that passage from the Koran I mentioned earlier in the thread and how it is misquoted - well Mehdi Hasan in the Telegraph has done just that:


    The full verse from the Koran is

    So the verse only applies to jews, not muslims and Hasan also left out the "corruption in the earth" caveat - which is a typically nebulous statement which can mean anything.

    I think they rely on the fact that most people haven't read the Koran and so they can quote anything out of context and expect people to buy into it - but I am watching them :gnome:
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  20. sANDYbAY

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    There is a law in this country which prohibit the type of inflamatory hatred demonstrated by the marchers in that video.
    It's the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006

    It is a good and just law, why does it seem to be applied in such a one sided manner?

    If you live in England you are subject to English law. That should apply to everyone so the moron who firebombed the mosque in Milton Keynes will rightly be prosecuted but so should the marchers who incite racial hatred against non muslims
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