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  1. Belt Sanders don't like varnishes ... clog up pretty quick.
    My vote is still with non-caustic dip at probably something like £20 a door ... A cost I know, but same applies to piles of clogged sanding belts/"electric trickery"/ time?
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  2. i bought lots of nitromors when i bought this house, i hadn't realised they'd changed the formulation until i took the lid of and rather than the familiar fumes and green stuff, out came something similar to watery yogurt with about the same efficacy for paint stripping :(
  3. Caustic dip is £30-35 per door here, but will check if there's a non caustic one around :thumbsup:
  4. I have a secret small stash of the old stuff. I keep it well hidden...

    You can buy lab bottles of methylene chloride on't interweb, but it's liquid, not gel. Would do the trick, tho'
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  5. :rolleyes:
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  6. Bulk is normally cheaper , I was lucky I knew a man with a very big tank . He liked cider too :)
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  7. the other shock was white paint - go for a hybrid that yellows or a water based that drags and goes on like cottage cheese:rolleyes: I did all the research and after toying with flotrol additive for water based, went for zinsser - good but not great application, but then i found Bedec and will never use anything else. It's amazing stuff, water based, flows and covers like oil based and dries like it too in much less time :thumbsup:
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  8. Good to know.
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  9. Believe it when I see it. Every water-based white paint I've used has been toot. Give me solvent, and plenty of it :thumbsup:
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  10. i have eight doors and was quoted £30 per door about four years ago. they'll pick up and return too. i assume it's gone up now, if the place still exists *eek*
  11. Should be cheaper for bulk if they have big tank they can doo few at a time . When you look at it thou it’s cheaper n less knackering than hand doing um in the end . Look nicer too imo .
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  12. Bedec, i promise you, it's ace! i chuntered my way through all sorts but once i found this, it's my paint manufacturer for everything now. The msp is brilliant and have used the barn paint too - no yellowing and flows on without brush marks. Apparently the reason grey paintwork became popular was because of the great dulux debacle (yellowing after 3 months) after 2012!

    It's a southern company :rolleyes: and i can only get it online
  13. Yes, i had all the doors in my last house dipped and i like the warmth of colour you get and minimal sanding afterwards. i don't want to be sanding back so much i'm taking it back to new wood - may as well just buy new yellow pine doors from wickes! (not that any of my doors seem to be an off the shelf size)
  14. Nooo old doors are much nicer better made too and worth more . Dipping will colour new doors too but will rip all the unseasoned knots out too . If you’ve got old doors , dip or repaint with old style paints .
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  15. they're all the original doors with layers of paint and gunk on and were covered in hardboard :rolleyes: beautiful old pine with very few knots. if i had to have new yellow knotty pine stuff, it'd get painted. hate it.
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  16. So do I, we had hardboarded over ones in my mums house . Dad soon ripped off and dipped n sanded. I’ve bought a few at auction like that too for a fiver:)
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