The new 'new old house resto' thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. I need to get cracking if weekends are going to be vw’s. Feel like I’ve lost too much time being ill too :(

    Forgot about falling on my bum yesterday, climbing ladders is a bit uncomfortable today!
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  2. Ouch! Top tip.... hot on the heels of 'don't eat the yellow snow' we have 'don't walk on the black ice'!
    Busy weekends won't necessarily keep you out of mischief, they just concentrate it into a smaller window :D
    Take care up that ladder....
  3. I hope you haven't had any mishaps whilst up the ladder.

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  4. Did you start with the edge pieces of the jigsaw first? :)
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  5. Can't be @Ermintrude's place there's no feet in the picture ;)
  6. had my wellies on bagging up wood :)
  7. Well done beez a luvit .
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  8. Some measuring up, dancing and cleaning tonight. I appear to have started the spring clean a little early this year.
    Rug beating by moonlight
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  9. A tune to keep you going

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  10. and

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  11. Hmm. What exactly is Michael "beating"?
  12. A rug on the washing line

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  13. Someone has to do the chores as Erm is too busy dancing

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  14. done 'em, while dancing. Multitasking in this house! :D
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  15. More than be said for me tonight, spent the evening grumbling about Marmitee drivers and a couple of bruises from catching a lampost with my arm and leg

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  16. Not you in the wars too , I got attacked by a cha wa wa yesterday :D, bit my hand and leg before I managed to launch it away:D. The owner was very apologetic , she said he doesn’t like big brown things , I was a bit bemused till she said your brown suade jacket is very nice but he doesn’t like cows :eek: . Hope you’ve improved by morn :thumbsup:
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  17. Thanks Barney. Them little dogs do my head in. I can't see how anyone/thing would want to go for you. Hope you don't need a jab for it.

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  18. I’ve been bitten by bigger fish :D was wondering when my hepatitis jab ran out :D
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  19. The dog will probably need a jab...:p
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