The new 'new old house resto' thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. P'raps you should just paint the bitumen stuff too!
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  2. it's a sign for needing another glass of wine, isn't it?

    bum, bum, bugger!
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  3. looks like i've already started!:oops:
    but this paint is too good and too expensive to waste on the purple peril. more wine, oh go on then! :D
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  4. Well it is Saturday night and you've cleaned a whole carpet, I mean if that doesn't deserve more wine... :D:beer:
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  5. When life gives you lemons, reach for the gin! :D
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  6. I know, right! And painted the picture rail and didn’t spill neither wine nor paint until I tried to put the paint lid back on. Bloody water based paints! :D

    Did you have a good night?
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  7. Inked833e2ce15aa90d37e3021f946d111378_LI.jpg

    So what's next... carpet clean, picture rail painted, floor slightly painted.... the night is young!

    Yeah, a lovely night thanks, making a few vague plans for the New York adventure in April, and eating far too many olives and tortilla chips and lumps of cheese and general picky nibbly stuff whilst my friends made a decent assault on a bottle of gin (me being the driver n' all :rolleyes:)
  8. cheek.... i've missed lots of bits!

    noooo, how the hell did you end up as driver? frankly i'm disappointed, i expected better...

    ...excuses to being designated driver! :D

    New York sound good though- i've had some hawaii conversations today ;), and a bizarre chat with a cute wrestler :confused:.... i forget how strange this village is sometimes :D
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  9. Ha ha, I could've stayed over in Salisbury but I seem to have a long list of things I ought to be doing tomorrow.... today? Sunday? so opted for a few gin and tonics without the gin part! (there is a midnight bus home, but that way trouble lies as I invariably fall asleep and have been known to wake up in Ringwood, or worse still, at the end of the line in Bournemouth!)

    A cute wrestler, and conversations about Hawaii... just your average Saturday in Saltaire then?
    …..Hawaii..... *wistful gaze*
    I want to be wiggling my toes in lovely Hawaiian sand, swimming in lovely Hawaiian sea, and even possibly wearing a brightly coloured Hawaiian shirt......

  10. the hawaiian convos were not with the cute wrestler.... but yes, hawaii has always been on my list... shall we? Just a week away, ok a few weeks if you count being ill, i forget the fabulousness diversity of this place :)

    i used to stay in ringwood above the beauty parlour as i knew the owner - always left with a glowing complexion and as many rene guinot samples as i could carry! :D
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  11. and lilo and stitch is my fave disney film so, y'know, it's fated! :D
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  12. My favourite is Robin Hood, but I'm buggered if that means I'm fated to holiday in Nottingham!!

  13. :eek: And Sunday morning the gin hath told :D
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  16. I’m going to use new scaff boards, too much to do to faff about cleaning up old ones.
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  17. Agreed. I know the 'distressed' look can work (I'm sure we've all used it :D), but it's gotta be easier with new! Unbanded too I assume if they're unused?
    Blimey, when you get on a roll, you go for it :thumbsup:
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  18. Aristocats here. Hurrah! I’m off to Paris then :thumbsup:
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  19. New ones weren't that expensive but there weren't any that local as you'd want to hand pick the boards.

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