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  1. Well, it's been a while and what a few years they've been... i'll spare you the details but needless to say the house hasn't moved on much (lazy pixies!) but i have some really good reasons for this and a note from my mum!

    But now it's time to start pushing forward again, though probably at a slower pace than when i first bought it - i did most of the destruction and now it needs putting back together - that's not to say that the thumping sticks have gone away for good...

    This time i have other considerations as while i'd like the house how I want it (this involves knocking down walls etc), I'm not sure how long i'll be here and need to leave the option of selling/renting it open too.
    Lots of my previous plans were more long-term, i'm now thinking that while i want it to be lovely (i still live here!), it needs to be done with the above in mind. oh, and at very little cost too

    So I'll be undertaking as much as i can myself with the wisdom, advice, support and general buffoonery of TLB.

    First up, the new (old but not original to this house) vestibule/living room door is deeper than the rebate on the door frame... will this mean that i'll have problems hanging the door? will it hang ok but the door just stick out more (i can live with that)? will i need to chisel out the 5mm all around the frame to widen the original rebate?

    The door is also a little narrow on the width so i may need to plant a strip onto the frame before hanging it - i'll check exactly by how much once i've chiselled out the door for hinges and the nitromors has worked its magic on getting the 79 layers of paint off them... and found a chisel i haven't used as a bolster



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  2. so apart from it being too thick, but not wide enough, it's a perfect fit!!! :)

    I loved reading the original demolition thread - twas well funny
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  3. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Here we go. I am going to have to get my giggle glands oiled in readiness! :hattip:
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  4. well buying a door from the same period of house but not actually for this house has proved difficult:oops: At least this one only requires minor adjustments *crosses fingers*, you should've seen the others! :D

    I'm sure there'll be more demolishing. in fact only this very evening i started excavating the asphalt to reveal the flag floor. my jemmy was twitching and the thought that it'd all come up easily sent me into a spin. BUT then reality kicked in. I hate cold floors and i'm a floor sitter so not a good combo :(

    I'm still trying to work out what to do with the living room floor... but not today (ok, i was pricing sisal up earlier!).

    Hey... you wanted me to start the thread again!:confused:
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  5. As always, it will be fun. I however may be sobbing brokenly in a corner but you lot'll have a whale of a time! :confused:
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  6. I still remember when you knocked into the roof and you were covered in old roof dirt - you looked like you had just come up from t'pit - you looked just like I thought all norverners did!! :)
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  7. Can you fit deeper architrave around the frame so the door then sits flush?
  8. It's not about you!!!
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  9. See, eventually someone clever comes along, not just eedjits!
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  10. This evenings excavations. This was a tiny sunken are for a door mat clearly for pixie feet -I’m a size 5 and it’s still too small.

    This is about to be filled in with concrete (maybe tomorrow after the wood order) but before doing that I wanted to see how easy the asphalt came away from the York stone.
    Answer -dead easy as there's a membrane between the flags and the asphalt (probably asbestos!)!
    Then I got all excited about ripping up the whole living room floor... but i'm not going to. honest :D[​IMG]
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  11. :lol:

    I know :(
  12. a rare occurrence round here!
    unlikely, i tried getting hold of some this shape and size before and couldn't. stripping the paint off will give me a few extra mm :D
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  13. :eek::eek: Calm down calm down you never know who’s under there :eek: is it the frame your stripping or door ??
  14. The frame needs painting so will probably be stripping it. The door needs putting into it to stop the draughts :D
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  15. Can you take off what's there now, pack it out with frame batten and then refit it?
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  16. Or just buy a thinner door from Wickes for £30 !
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  17. That door frame looks like its for a ledge and brace door. Chopping the frame is a bit of a task and the hinges won't sit right if you don't- the screws will split the frame.
    If you do as purple says you will have to fit the arch's flush with the rebates but will probably still split the frame with the screws.
    House renovating, fun fun fun :)
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  18. *stares blankly at purple*

    I've no idea what you just said :oops: sorry.
  19. If you knew someone with a router you could router that off , save you money ?
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