The new 'new old house resto' thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Nuffin' :oops: he sorted out the leaky guttering and then became a bit too friendly... he was a chippy too, but am not going there!:eek:
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  2. It's a solid rebated frame tho' :thumbsup:
    None of that planted on stuff in Shipley mansion
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  3. You spotted that before I did you little divvil you!
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  4. Shame :-(
    How about the architrave?
    If that came off the face of the main frame could be brought out to deepen the rebate.
  5. oops, must've missed that post from purple, or not understood it. Bargain, I'm going to do that. Also if i use thicker wood it'll make up for the 1cm deficit in the width of the door :oops:

    the door was sooo nearly perfect, just 600mm too tall, 10mm too narrow and 10mm too deep... but apart from that... perfect!
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  6. Look women are rubbish at carpenter and joinery! It’s been proven.

    Clocks ticking ;)

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  7. arse :(
  8. If your thinking of asking @Geordie make sure you cover the stone flags, tell him there's no lead on the roof and the slates are just plastic imitation.
    Main thing, hide the washing basket and DON'T ACCEPT HIM ON YOUR FACEBOOK
  9. :lol:
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  10. You've jumped in 1/2 way tho' the thread o_O
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  11. Don't chop 600 mm off it!
    You mean 60 yes?
    If the door is too narrow I think you could well be best packing the frame so the rebate disappears, then add a new liner/jamb 15mm back from where the existing one is ... You might have to take a few mm off the door of course.
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  12. I'm going back to the start then :rolleyes: ... Too many cooks eh?
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  13. OI! I restored all my sash windows in my other house and was even offered a job doing it! :confused:

    clocks ticking for what??
  14. No she hasn’t eaten yet
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  15. ooh... that's not a bad idea either. ha, yes 60mm and that old scary saw worked a treat. Looked round for what else i could chop afterwards!
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  16. someone else's cooking?? my favourite way to eat!
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  17. Good thought :thumbsup:
    May only need 5mm off each side, then plant on to fill old rebate and plant on stop laths.
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  18. No, you stop lathing!
    and taking some off the sides of the door would mean that i won't have to fill the old hinge cuts - bargain! :thumbsup:
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  19. Good, "we" are getting somewhere ...
    It's basically easier to remove material from a door than a frame, and better to add material to a frame than a door ...
    "Wanna diagram luv!"
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  20. IF you have right tools and a WORK mate

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