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  1. This mornings t shirt choice made me smile as I thought about concrete mixing and finding wood for the door frame


    Ok, it’s actually a promo t for a new lighting fixture but...
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  2. thank you for lovely comments lovely people :hug:

    I'm kind of planning to do house stuff during the week and leave the weekends for sewing and socialising. I do have a fair coming up soon so really should prioritise sewing :oops: but it's nice to have the variety. I've also got a tweed door curtain to make (for me) and some stage curtains to make for the cabaret. and work. *eek*

    I'm just going to keep on keeping on... :)
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  3. IMG_20181025_105551789.jpg
    Is this all you need?
    Not enough frame to put hinge screws into (as pointed out by @crossy2112 ?)
    Fill 26mm deep rebate (rebate 1) with a 26 by ?15 strip.
    If you're lucky the hinges will be 25mm in which case you can "form" THEIR rebates by putting short 26/15 strips and leaving gaps.
    NB Same strip has to go at the top so might have to shave a bit more off the door!
    Add a new, shallower "stop lath/jamb/etc" ....
    It'll leave a wider rebate around the architrave (rebate 2) but if you don't like the look of that you could get into taking the architrave off, shortening all three pieces minutely, and sticking them back on ........ Thought not!
    PS (one for the "Carry On" team) How about rising butt hinges? They'll help to make the door self closing and it'll sit snug to the floor .....?

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  4. Nice drawing but I think your showing architrave around wrong way ?
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  5. Correct! Edit ... Sorted :)
  6. theses are brilliant, thank you!

    I like the idea of leaving gaps rather than cutting hinge rebates too.
    I'm also good with cutting more off the door now I'm used to the saw and trust its gauge *phew*
    I'll also look to using a thicker stop lath/jamb thingy to compensate for the door width deficit (never trust ebay sellers measurements!):rolleyes: but may not need to as the door will be now hung on the new bit so pushing it out....:thinking:

    this is good... i like thunking these things through, but before then i also need to clean up the original rebate to plant on. It's never dull at Saltaire Towers :D
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  7. Smaller drawings need to be edited also 7/10 :D
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  8. :confused: ... time's a passing, and give the lady some credit for not needing that ;)
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  9. Personally I wouldn't move the architrave.
    You'll be down to cutting off the door by whatever the thickness of the present stop is ... 15mm?
    in which case I'd under cook it a bit and attack with a belt sander if absolutely necessary.
    The rising butt hinges will give you a bit of lee way.
  10. unfortunately i've not had chance to do anything this morning due to work... but am doing lots of thinking and planning. looks like rain so have to get the concrete in tooooo :eek:
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  11. Just taken these "covers" off, I hope for the last time, so hoping for no rain here ...
    Not that I'm hijacking your resto thread or anything :)

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  12. I’m sure she noticed your mistakes :D
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  13. :rolleyes:
    @Ermintrude ... if you DO leave gaps for the hinges you'll also have to pack them out a bit when it comes to fit them as they won't be 15mm thick!
    Still easier than cutting chunks out of flimsy strips though :thumbsup:
  14. Ive got to page 2 of 7 and am totally lost.

    Hose demolition, chesse and pears before bed..lead on the roof.

    Have I missed owt else :thinking:
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  15. And put small pilot holes for the screws so it does not split the packers.
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  16. @Ermintrude from memory there is a large timber yard in between Shipley and Bradford, they should have the size timber you need :thumbsup:
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  17. FTFY:)
  18. Naughty man

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  19. Nope, unless you're fitting a door that's too tall, too thick and too narrow?!
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  20. Missed that bit :(

    If you bosh it on top to reduce the height, the movement of the material will spread thus making it a bit wider and use of a rather large rolling pin will reduce its thickness and again open its width up.

    You should, if you get the maths right have a good door

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