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  1. but if i have to pack them out... it'd probably with the strip wood, no?:confused:
  2. Would work ("woodwork?") if it was marzipan but it's chocolate so annual temp variations could be an issue ...
  3. Nope ... If the strip wood is 15mm-ish and your hinge plates are 2mm-ish you'll want something that makes up the difference otherwise the plates will sit too deep and the door will never shut! The plate faces need to be flush with the door and with the frame :thumbsup:
    Slight recess might be ok as most hinges have a bit of width at the, erm, hinge, so some might say it's better to give them a minimal recess which brings the door edge and the frame into contact, but I'd go for flush myself ...
    If you're then getting a draught on the hinge side you can always bung in a stick-on "p" profile draught excluder afterwards :)
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  4. draughts? here? in my little old stone cottage at the foot of a moor? surely not, Sir!
    *wraps self in blanket and turns up heating*

    of course i'll be revisiting all this advice when i come to actually doing the job, but for now i'm shivering in the kitchen sorting invoices and risk assessments :/
  5. have just found out that my lovely neighbour is very poorly and has had the emergency doctor out. it's just floored me :(
  6. What's occurring? or don't you know yet?
  7. :( Hope they get her sorted :(
  8. Damn :( worth a shot though!
  9. Neck it
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  10. :lol: :D
  11. The logs are coming! :eek:

    Firstly, why didn't one of you lot remind me? it's been a busy and emotional day so i forgot:oops:
    Secondly, they said they were delivering after 5pm but just got a text to say 'on my way!'

    Is it time for gin and to hide under the duvet until it's all over? :( :(
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  12. At least you’ll be able to light the fire whilst you drink the gin
    Hope your neighbour is okay?
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  13. Have you been taking laxatives?
  14. She was on the vestibule all last night...
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  15. Is that where the butler killed Di with the candle stick :eek:
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  16. Ahh, the only house job I’ve got done today but a very satisfying one. [​IMG]
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  17. thank you, keeping an eye on her and on standby for anything else. she's one of the most amazing people i've ever had the privilege to have in my life. it's a shock that she's so poorly - hopefully she'll pick up, she's far too spirited to be kept down for long - though she's spent most of this year preparing me for her death :(

    that and telling me that i needed to lose a couple of lbs :confused:
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  18. Whilst also feeding you.

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  19. Errm I think you may need to raise your tit box so your pussy doesn’t catch them :thinking:
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  20. Poptop2

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    Una bella donna!

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