The new 'new old house resto' thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. dad won't let me near his chisels anymore :( he says i ruin them!
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  2. :thinking:
  3. what else am i supposed to use for opening paint tins? some people are just tooo precious!
  4. Sounds like everything was made out of horse left overs from the glue factory.

    Just how far north do you live?
  5. At 26mm it would be a kitchen cupboard door :)
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  6. ye can get tablets for that ye know
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  7. Until about 5pm today it was also 57 mm too long as well apparently ...
    Probably tell us it's made of chocolate next :D
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  8. What have you done!

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  9. You need the right tools to do it that’s all :)

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  10. ... or replace the jamb with a shallower one ... If it's to be painted they'll nevverrrrrrrr knowww!
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  11. Should I go and hang her back door for her;)

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  12. Look at the state of that chisel!

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  13. He’s got a good point

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  14. that's what i was thinking too... it that flat face piece of wood is just planted on, i can replace it with a piece to accommodate the depth and the small lack of width of the door. bargain! is it just planted on?
  15. it's an internal door between the hall and living room
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  16. unlike his chisels :D:D:D
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  17. Come-on let’s see a pick of the door fitted :)

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  18. :thumbsup:
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  19. ... this is what I'm on about in another post ...
    The "liners"/"jamb" should be just strips that were nailed onto the main frame ... If you can prize them off and set them back in 15mm over you end up with the right depth of rebate for the door ....
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  20. You can fit them by post? What will they think of next...

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