The new 'new old house resto' thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Who you barking at shep:D
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  2. i was sooo close to saying that but thought 'nah, there'll be another numpty along in a minute' :p :D
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  3. Oi you stopped dancing light weight :D
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  4. no way, i love dancing! :chewie:
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  5. Left wrist hurts a bit this morning but managed the cycle into work luckily, I had lost most of my momentum in the skid I did before I got to the lamp post.

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  6. Woohooo! Just found out that i will have access to a workshop to strip down the bus, can't wait to get started and get that belly pan off :chewie:

    There may well be scary bits but i'd rather know than bury my head and pretend everything is fine.
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  7. You could use amtico :D
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  8. Excellent news!
    And you never know, the belly pan could have done a good job of protecting what’s underneath.
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  9. NO!
    May need to take out the interior and floor up if i find nasties on the underside, but i have plenty of my beautiful floor tiles and (less beautiful) silentcoat to replace it. :)
  10. Or there could be a mass of hidden rot :thumbsup:
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  11. What happens when you go to trouble n take everything off and its tick er de boo :thinking:
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  12. guess i'll be finding out soon *eek* :D

    I'm actually really excited about it - it's been ages since i've done some proper stuff on the dubs.
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  13. there could be... and it will get sorted :p
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  14. Lottery winner gets found out by having exotic holidays on the equator and excessive delight in spending money :D:eek:
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  15. So, not going to techenders then??? @Baysearcher will be pleased, it means he won't have to
    A, make me coffee at his again
    B, transport seals and stuff to you.
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  16. will strip underside first and let the dog see the rabbit, will only take interior out if it needs welding - i suspect it will. Will have put all belly pans back on once all done.
  17. of course i'm going to techenders! worst case scenario, i'll bring the bug and a tent :)
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  18. haha, it will be what it'll be. i've never been one to shy away from things.
    now, where did i put my thumping sticks?
  19. the bus floor resto will be starting soon and I'll start a new thread about that *cue lots of pics of me gurning with an angle grinder* :D

    so am trying to crack on with smaller house jobs - most of the doors need stripping and am tempted to send them away for a caustic bath, i know this damages the glue/swells etc but what with the 2012 voc regs and nitromors being merely toothpaste now, i don't know of an efficient (quick) alternative... suggestions welcomed. When the door come back from their bath could i brace and clamp them while drying to lessen the caustic damage?

    I would strip them with a heat gun, as i'm doing with frames, but they're covered in the old brown shellac/varnish stuff that just softens to molten lava, burns and goes crispy :(
  20. If it were me I would use the heat gun, caustic dripping ruins stuff. I had a black oak table done and had to re-glue the complete thing.
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