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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Go on, I'll say it first.

    That's Lovely Duncan;)
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  2. The drivers door on my bus was about 10mm too low at the rear end with zero play in either hinge.
    No obvious reason for this, I can only assume somebody has hung on it and bent something.
    I made a couple of shims like this to go behind the lower hinge
    And hey presto!
    The door gaps are more even now. The lower half front edge is a bit wide but it's about as good as it's going to get. At least I don't have to lift the door to shut it now.
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  3. It's sometimes fixable by opening door a bit, two hands under in toss the caber style and lift. Bendy things.
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  4. I even tried a trolley jack to lift it and it was having none of it!
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  5. Where you work they have to explain a Tapas bar...according to the sign..
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  6. Get some wax in those panel joints, Mark. The rot has started already...
  7. Do you mean the Dynax stuff - that's done. Which bits do you mean?
  8. I meant the external joints between panels, like behind the front doors. Presumably you sealed them with some...gunge. The panels move a bit and the sealant gets hairline cracks, which start to rust. Gave mine a good waxing.
  9. I've not touched the bodywork except for the two outer sills and the driver's side is going to need some work as although it's solid it's had a couple of dents and there's a bit if cracked filler. I can see it's solid from the inside though. I hate rubbing down and sanding! I'm rubbish at it.
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  10. I meant areas like this between panels. They crack and start rusting. You seem to have the same, looking at your pics.

    a newy crack 6s.jpg
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  11. Stainless day: new wiper arms from C&C and made a pair of brackets for the ends of the rear bumper to deal with moving it back for the tow hook.
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  12. Mine are starting too, what's the best approach?
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  13. Oh I see. What sort of wax would you use? Normal polishing stuff?
  14. Yup. I use the Bilt Hamber stuff.
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  15. Dig it all out ,clean up and treat any corrosion
    Prime ,seam seal then repaint

    Once it cracked it let’s water in that then gets trapped and it rots the seam out eventually
  16. I'll have a butchers and see what I've got as a stopgap.
    It's on the list! I'll do it sooner rather than later and it'll probably get a thin bead of white Rustoleum until I decide on the bodywork. It's never going to be a concours bus.
  17. Which seam sealer is recommended, sorry if this had been asked before, thanks.
  18. I wouldn't bother, meself. Blast with a hot air gun, and a squidge of wax.
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  19. I like that hot air gun idea
  20. Avoided getting struck by lightning while working on it.

    Redid one rear brake pipe.
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