The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Accelerated, mate. He’s a lusty fellow...
  2. You weren’t too far from us then .in beautiful Basingstoke

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  3. Self isolation :( that doesn't sound like much fun, especially when the world is returning to some sort of normality.
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  4. Only another week, could be worse.... and at least I’ll finally get the decking finished
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  5. Hopefully you'll recover quicker than you think, or are told. They said 3 months to me, the physio is the decision maker, I had an appt and my neighbour had forgotton about her offer of a lift to the health center, so I got in the car and drove there :eek:, saw the physio who gave me the once over and said I think you should try to drive, its a bit early for most at six weeks but your recovering well. It was one of those I tell the nice lady how I got here, or not :confused:
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  6. Basingrad, as it’s otherwise known. Not too far away.
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  7. I've got these and they work a treat. :thumbsup:
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  8. Started to fit a small habd basin, mainly fir handwashing whilst cooking and cleaning small crockery / cutlery [​IMG]

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  9. Changed the oil and oil filter on Gusbus, the oil was black and thin, not very good for saying its only done 1450 miles.

    It didn't smell of petrol.

    The only differentiator was Castrol Classic 20/50, I tried that instead of my go to Morris Goldenfilm. Needless to say Ive gone back to it!
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  10. Found and fixed the dodgy wire to the alternator control box thingy, that was probably the root cause of my fuel pump woes.
  11. where/how do you store the window vents when driving etc?
  12. Drove in it like a mad thing to get to the timber yard by 5 pm as the website says they are open until then..

    They shut at 4. So drove it like a mad thing back home.

    Try again tomorrow morning for 8 am when they say they are open according to the door.
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  13. Scrubbed light scurf off my servo, had a practice with my SAE flaring tool.

    a newy servo with pipe 6s.jpg
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  14. Cleaned up the points, did the timing and Drove it!

    First time since 2017!

    Starting to like it more now...
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  15. Took her for the first real drive of the year, much better than my last attempt.
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  16. (It’s still slow and crap, but sort of great!)
  17. Dug out my remaining Ebers bits from box number 47...

    a newy ebers bits 2 6s.jpg

    Knocked up some slightly extended front brake pipes. Now I'm on a roll, I might as well do the whole lot. It's very soothing and Zen-like.

    a newy brake pipes 6s.jpg
  18. Now you tell me :rolleyes:...

    a newy brake grease 6s.jpg
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  19. OH NO !!!

    Best start again , just to be on the safe side ...

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  20. Decided to rubber mount the Seaflo fan to see if it would be quieter.
    After it was off and I’d drilled yet more holes in the cab floor, I decided it would never line up as well. Then put it back exactly as it was!
    So that’s an hour and a half gone and all I achieved was emptying the corrugated tube!

    At least it won’t blow into the cab now.
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