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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Fitted the new wheel cylinder and adjusted the shoes.Next job fit new handbrake cables.

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  2. That’s interesting. The one thing that (mildy) disturbed me about my engine was a kind of harshness/loudness. Runs fine, valves are fine (checked at the top), but there is a kind of louder “valve-chesty” noise, more than the usual air-cooled racket.
  3. Nuffin.
  4. Half heartedly tried to remove the sliding door rail cover. It wasn't for moving so I went back to sitting in the sun.
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  5. Just looked at the engine compartment, thought what’s the rush, it’s not going anywhere this year and sat back down
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  6. Took a ton of old carpet to the dump, then went for a spin. Up the Wherwell hairpin in 3rd :thumbsup:
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  7. Took pictures for the agreed value and sat in it and book a long weekend camping.
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  8. Lovely.

    That's what its all about.

    Day trip or overnight?

    We did an overnight urban camping trip, went to see mates in East Yorkshire and camped on their drive.
  9. Mr @iblaze kindly popped over and handed me the last missing cap for my door hinges. I can rest easy now. :)

    Good to see you and your better half matey, nice day for a drive. :)
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  10. Impromptu cheeky overnighter as Lady Lasty has taken tomorrow off
    Lovely certified location , been here before but always got grief about not being a C&C member - not my thing at all but in the current climate made sense to join ...

    East Yorks - where ??
    Very pretty , very undiscovered - lovely

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  11. It sure was a good way to test out the new front beam with a bit of banging an crashing.
    Was great to see you again mate.
    I just need to sort out the front shocks now as Z pointed out I've a lowered front end with standard hight shocks..... anyone got any suggestions?

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  12. Very nice. You've got good weather for it.

    I've got a bit of colour after spending 24 hrs outdoors.

    Stayed in Brough.

    Been through East Yorkshire a few times over the past couple of years, I'm always surprised by how nice the countryside is around there.

    Driving through the Wolds on the way back from Flambourgh Head is lovely.
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  13. Day


    Used it to bring back more garlic.
    Day 3 of harvest.
    Another 3/4 days to go, then it'll all be in.
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  14. Day


    Garlic harvest time. [​IMG]

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  15. Looked at it, and promised I’ll do something tomorrow. Just got back from night beach fishing, so can’t be bothered...
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  16. Measured how high it is, so that I can think about getting the top white part painted before it gets too much 'patina' through the really really thin paint.
    I need to adjust the gear selector plate as I can hit reverse without pushing down, but as I won't be able to drive it for at least 6 weeks, I've got time....
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  17. Adjusted the valves, out on new rocket gaskets, put on new number plates, did some more paint work, cleared a blocked idle jet, tried to check the timing but unimpressed with my new el cheapo gun, it seems to fire the light when it tells like it.
  18. My selector is like that :( job for TE...

    Not being able to drive is a pain, I had six or seven weeks like that when I broke both my Fib and Tib. Good luck for whenever it happens.
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  19. Hopefully should be able to drive my car sooner, but I think the camper, with its lack of power steering, might be a step too far. #prayfortechenders
    (a week monday, so am in 'self isolation' with a covid test on thursday)
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  20. Didn’t you need 2nd?

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