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  1. I once gadually painted the whole side of a van trying to match that sort of colour on a one panel repair. Lost it on the corners eventually but it still wasn't right.
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  2. Didn’t you rattle-can your whole van back in the JK days?
  3. I can't take the credit, the chap a the paint shop is an absolute genius at difficult colour matches. Any runs are all my own doing :oops:
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  4. Installed some new over centre latches on the poptop..
    New latch , padlock eye .
    Cut off

    Installed with new home made stainless hooks.

    Three of the catches unscrewed and new ones screwed in quickly. The screws were corroded on the third corner .. its on the offside rear corner where rain before 2010 had been dripping through the poptop and leaving through a rot hole in the floor.
    Had to drill new holes beside the old ones and force self tappers through crusty steel about 20mm deep in the poptop struture.. took ages and about 3 self tappers and a change in drill size succeeded in getting a screw through..
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  5. I did! But this one was base coat and lacquer.
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  6. Today, I have mostly sawing nylon. Horrible stuff.

    a newy nylon things 6s.jpg
  7. What's it for then, Snotty, I know you've dying to tell us ;)
  8. If I told you, I would have to kill you, unfortunately.
  9. But I'm too young to die:eek:
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  10. Made it start.. with a key in the ignition where it's supposed to be and everything... just to remind myself what it might sound like

    ...and gave up on the quasar electronics intermittent wiper.. 99 relay ordered..Will follow Snotty's guide to wash wipe nirvana!

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  11. Do it! Dead easy to install.
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  12. What sort of cam is in that, @Deefer66
  13. Webcam 73/86

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  14. [​IMG]
    New exhaust yesterday
    An hour later looked years older

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  15. Was it windy?
    I have a meter square piece of roofing felt under the bus to catch drips but one windy day it had up & overd into the neighbours garden

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  16. I think that might be the same grind as my cam, just under a different brand, it certainly seems to sound slightly different to many of the stock engines I have heard at Techenders etc.
  17. Sounds the same as mine, typical type-4 bag of spanners, but I am a bit deaf. The higher the CR the harsher the sound I think. When I removed some 0.5mm shims from a stock 1600 it went from soft and wooly to hard and bangy.
  18. Would that be a Raby one?.. seem similar to his camper special.. bit of overlap , bit more lift on intake bit more duration on exhaust... like I know what difference it'll make!.. seemed best suited for a bus, not too wild, so as I didnt want the hydraulic grind.. which seemed to be all that was available in this country when you actually ask for the spec.. rest all on " back order"... got one from aircooled in states, makes a weird noise on tickover that doesnt seen to come over on video kind a glooping

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  19. I think it's a "C" grind, the PO was an RAC mechanic, I think he built the engine himself, the receipt I have just says "C Cam" and a rolling road report for 73bhp@ 4500 at the wheels from an 1800, with timing at 9 degrees.

    But your is the first Type 4 I have heard that sounds similar to mine at idle.

    Edit: my cam was from the same place, I think.
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  20. YAAAAAYYYY ...[​IMG]

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