The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. They look crap

    If your going to Chuck them I’ll take the big one of you
  2. Not as big as it looks. You wouldn't like it ;)
  3. I’ve nowt in mine at the moment and I’m dreading having to make something

    I’m crap with wood
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  4. Just to the airbox and lower screen surround.
    Left front foowell patch up with a well fitting Schofield pressing.

    Also Westy top off to sort rail and some small perforation spots. That will mean a full L90d roof re-spray.
    Hope to get him back before Christmas for build up.
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  5. I carpeted mine to hide my crap woodworking...

  6. AAAAGGGHHHHH :eek::eek::eek::eek: !!!!

    There was nothing wrong with the old fella in my eyes , he was well tidy :thinking:
    You`ve obviously got bored again .... :)

  7. It was always his fate...
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  8. Changed the oil and filter
  9. Put my distributor with electronic ignition back on the engine. Changed the old coil I was running for another Bosch blue bought at Slough. Put the points distributor and the good coil back in the spares box under the back seat.

    Did a quick anti rust and filler and quick prime and fill on the front wheel arch. Its going through but it can be bodged again.

    Started stripping down the late seats I bought at Slough. Its a bit like somebody spilled acid on the passenger seat and it managed to eat through the sea frame in one place. Easy to clean up and weld, but I am a bit worried the springs will give up with corrosion fractures. . The seats had velour on them so they were not at all water proof. If you made the seat base wet, the water would soak straight in to them. I curse the 1970's.
  10. Re-woodified my buddy seats. I may or may not re-fit them.

    a buddy 1 6s.jpg

    For Devon buddy buddies - which way up do your hinges go? This way?

    a buddy 2 6s.jpg
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  11. After buying two late late seats with headrests.

    Got my late late seat runners from Buttys Bits.

    Stripped down the seats .

    Patched and welded up a rusty frame on the passenger seat, welded a cracked frame across the bottom of the back (pushed back hard or stood on ? ) on the drivers seat and a snapped spring. Fat arse and damp through a brown fabric seat cover.
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  12. Field mechanics - lake district [​IMG]

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  13. Attempted to change upper brake reservoir. Pulling the lower pipe off from below with restricted space/angles was more challenging than anticipated. Will attempt to reconnect to new reservoir later in week when my arm starts to work again!

    Nice to find a Californian coin trapped down there. Cleaned it up in a can of coke - 1969. Hope the DVLA will accept this as proof of build date!

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  14. Sold the two old armchairs that was stored in the back of it for £150.00!
  15. What should of been in the front of the gear lever[​IMG]

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  16. As the lever wouldnt select 1st or 2nd.

    Had to improvise with a beer can and insulation tape to create a sleeve

    Anyone know the brand?

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  17. Drove it to WBBC! :)

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  18. Washed his antlers in the work machine. All shiny now for the dash build-up.

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  19. Done absolutely nowt all week and weekend. Got girl flu - you know, the real one.

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