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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. What oil did you use? :)
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  4. Warmed him up, tweaked his idle down a bit.
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  5. Fitted the fuel tank, again, got the base seal sorted with a piece of 12mm closed cell foam that squidges down nicely. Refitted the connecting hose and filler tube with new top elbow seal. All new tank breather connectors. Mounted and connected the fuel cutout solenoid and the fuel pump.
    Oh and some jobs are just for kicks. ....
  6. :thumbsup:

  7. is that a hobbits foot?
  8. Yes - a real one. I had to shave it first.
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  9. An odyssey of fail.

    Drove it to work - after about 10km it started misfiring and mucking around - the AFR kept flicking towards lean, a sign of a misfire.
    So I thought it might be the electronic ignition module in the distributor, so I swapped it out for the points distributor spare.

    As I opened the slider, the back end dropped instead and the roller wouldnt release from the front of the track. Out of time, stuffed some paper towel in the track to stop any loose bits falling out on the way home, then lifted the back edge of the door and shut it.

    Left test starting until going home time.

    Wouldnt start.
    Put the electronic distributor back in.
    Drove 50 metres. Engine died.
    Black wire fell off the coil, the crimp connectors on the Accuspark have very thin metal that doesnt like being pushed on and off a spade terminal.
    Pushed wire back on with a quick squeeze to tighten the crimp connector.
    Failed to notice it was now firing on three cylinders, until I had pulled out onto a short section of dual carriageway.
    Drove 300 metres to a convenient car park.
    Pushed the ignition lead back in the distributor, ran well.
    Drove it another 10 km.
    Started failing to accelerate, bucking and messing around.
    Drove about another km to another convenient car park.
    Swapped the coil for a spare, bit of a game climbing over everything in the walkthrough to get at tools etc.
    Started up and ran well.
    Drove it another 10km to pickup something from Sainsburys Hedge end.
    As I left the car park, it died again. Used the starter to wind it back into a parking place and discovered the black wire had again been disturbed by changing the coil - the tag on the coil was slightly bent and this made the spade connector loosen.
    Put the wire back on the coil.

    FINALLY got decent acceleration, no bucking and juddering.

    After another 10km of random rat running through the glories of Sholing, missing kids who were riding on the handlebars of a bike without lights on a bad bit of road, having to jam on the brakes for somebody who pulled out in front of me to turn right even though because I was there they had nowhere to actually go because there was a parked car.

    Got home, took cover strip off door roller, discovered two bits of metal as pictured

    About £25 from JK. Already ordered a new one. Dont think I will be welding the casting even though it seems to be magnetic.

    Got home almost exactly 3 hours after setting off on a 20km trip..

    So overall it was the carburettor had dirt in it, the choke wire was loose, the coil was dodgy when it got slightly warm, and the wire kept falling off the coil. And the cam was smashed ...

    At some point I was thinking. Oh well its not snowing so the engine hasnt blown up.
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  10. ^ After Mike's turn of events, I'll not grumble about cutting me finger end open on those bloody sharp window felt clips on'th drivers door o_O
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  12. Chang
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  13. Winner

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  14. Fitted the cam to the slider. About a 5 minute job. Had to fix the slider so I could get at the crimp tool to bodge an eBay right size fan, wrong connector plugs screen demister fan on my Peugeot 307. It has worn out the brushes on the original after 136000 miles.
  15. Day


    Cleaned the air filter.

    It's -2 all day today so too cold to do much.[​IMG]

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  16. Eeeew. Worth buying a small squidge bottle of K&N oil to spray it with afterwards.
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  17. Excellent. I look forward to receiving my prize of a case of chang!
  18. Drove it at a quarter past midnight. neighbour informed me we had vehicle move notices in our windscreens due to Thames water doing work tomorrow. Had to drive it around to find another space.
    I bet that was pleasant for the other neighbours:)
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  19. Day


    What will that do?
  20. Your filters need to be oiled to catch the muck.

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