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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. I prefer to think that I've saved a VW Polo engine from an otherwise mundane existence.
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  2. Bought myself some new friends..
    ..i got to Newbury race course, bought these and took them out to the bus before I had met anybody from TLB. ... my wife asked if I had met my friends, so I sent her this picture...
    79 Devon seats, need to mod tbe crossdresser seat runners in the bus, welding, de rusting painting, new padding , and getting rid of the mouldy 8 bit computer coloured covers. Probably recycle my blue seat covers. And thats my winter project..
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  3. Scrubbed the cab mats

  4. Romped down the M27 to Bournemouth, filled him up with crap, romped back home again, steady 70mph all the way. Never missed a beat. I've forgiven him for the fuel pump episode. Off to the dump tomorrow :thumbsup:

    1960s H-Plan wardrobes. Mmmmm, tasteful.

    a bay junk 6s.jpg
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  5. Isn't most of the M27 a 50 mph speed limit at present??
  6. Only a short bit. The rest is being dug up when they feel like it.
  7. Wired and installed led reversing lights, hopefully be able to see what is behind me now[​IMG]

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  8. The bit of the M27 I use takes so long to exit at J8, I just use the A27 and a rat run and arrive 10 to 20 mins quicker, or drive straight into Southampton in my bus and out again maybe another 8 miles on a 15 mile journey..still quicker but not so economical.

    Temporary Traffic lights causing this hell due to run until mid January ..

    . it has been taking 30 mins to move 800 metres at J8.. Its OK in the bus with the stereo wound up loud ..

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  9. Fitted a new coolant expansion tank top, prior to that filled up with coolant. Drove it ... seems to be OK.
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  10. Checked up on him in the clinic.
    His therapy seems to be going well.
    Next stop is the make up department.


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  11. After telling the local garage to change the brake fluid on my Peugeot 307, noticed brakes were crisper

    Repeated the job myself on my bus, put about 0.8 litres of fluid through the system, one lower front bleed nipple was blocked with gunge .. took it out poked the hole with an Allen key, black gunge came out.
    Replaced nipple and stood on brake pedal, fluid came out finally. Thats because I usually bleed from the top nipple to get any air out

    Brakes do feel a bit firmer now.

    Then continued making a distributor out of the two I bought at the Slough swapmeet.

    Had to stop as I have to go and present the prizes at the Centenary prize giving at Hamble River Sailing Club, with my Rear Commodore (Sailing ) hat metaphorically on my head..
  12. Took advantage of having my two boys home for the weekend and got the gearbox in :)
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  13. Living the dream Mike, do you all throw your car keys in the fruit bowl after the prizes are given out:thumbsup:
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  14. The ONLY time either of my son's have been under any vehicle :eek:
  15. Be fair. They may well have seen a picture of a motor vehicle on Instagram.
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  16. you might want to give that a bit of a clean!!!! :)
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  17. I want to lick it :oops:
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  18. A mate of mine's sure I have a telly rigged up under ours, can't fathom why else I'm under there so much!
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  19. I have actually fallen asleep under mine...
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  20. Finished cupboardy things. Not sure if I like them.

    a nov cupboards 6s.jpg

    Took out gauge wiring loom for tweakage.

    a nov loom 6s.jpg

    As winter's a-coming, re-installed moo cow seat covers :thumbsup:

    a nov moo cows 6s.jpg
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