The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. My commute to work add on was a tenner.
    And thats why more often than not in the summer I have my lunch break in my bus at work.
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  2. for me it was £11 the down side was the £25 admin fee!!
  3. Took him out over the weekend and loaded him up with worktops and kitchen panels. About time he earned his keep. He just romped through wind and hail.

    a new van pic 6s.jpg

    Got my saw out and chopped up an IKEA cabinet, first of three. Bit of leftover worktop followed by a nice bit of carpet to hide my woodworking skills. Van now smells of Danish oil. Mmmm.

    a new cupboard 6s.jpg
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  4. Also discovered that the new floor cuts the noise down by quite a few dB. Yaaay!
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  5. Still tidying up the dashboard.

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  6. Started making a ceiling for my poptop[​IMG]

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  7. Day

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    Sat in it.
    Cleaned and polished the front.
  8. Passenger door seal was like this


    So stuck a new seal in like this 20191020_150350.jpg
  9. Fitted a hairy cupboard...

    a hairy cupboard 6s.jpg
  10. Fitted new ceiling to pop top![​IMG]

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  11. Finally fitted the Accuspark unit, after filing bits off its base plate to clear the screw and sliding plate attachment. The previous one had the same issue when I looked at how I fitted it before.
    Bosch 205 distributor. 20191023_182907.jpg
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  12. Destroyed the headlining in a fit of rage.

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  13. Fitted lights to my ceiling! Going for an alpine ski lodge look apparently [​IMG]

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  14. Fitted an emergency release for rear hatch! You never know why you may need an exit!

    Oh and it annoyed me keep having to go round the van to jump out the back[​IMG]

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  15. You know how it is, as the season progresses you compile a list of stuff you need for next year, things that would generally improve your camping lot.

    Well today, I have ticked off the very last of the things we wrote down while camping in 2019;

    An jaffa tiny fold up dog towel
    Curtain magnets
    A thermometer
    A pen & paper that works & that we can find
    Collapsible coat hangers - really
    Hand sanitiser
    Kitchen towel
    Walking poles
    A first aid kit
    And a propex heater!

    Hoo bloody rah.

    Roll on next year.
  16. Her Ladyships gonna love you on the cold evenings.......the dog not as much when the hot air is blowing around his rear instead of out of it.
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  17. Painted under seat area prior to fitting new seats - super excited to get those in - its been a long time coming.[​IMG]

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  18. Audi Q7 seats fitted now to fix the headliner[​IMG]

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  19. Chopped up more IKEA cabinets for van. Bored with it now.

    a saw on cupboard 6s.jpg
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