The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Day

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    Got the fuel sender out and look good, clean but doesn't work...all other parts o.k. guage, feed wire.

    But in the buses notes the sender is only 10 years old...
  2. Replaced scruffy peeling floor with hand-sawn timbers from the Homebase tree.

    a floor 6s.jpg
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  3. Fancy knickers.

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  4. Only on Friday nights :oops:
  5. Is that Laminate???? I fitted laminate, by god it moves in a small space. It's moved so much it's now next door (10mm in a 1.6 mtr run)
  6. It's lock-together laminate with Gorilla glue holding it in place.
  7. I didn't fink you was supposed to glue it like, I thought it had to move???
  8. You're supposed to leave expansion gaps if you're doing the whole living room, but I doubt a one metre wide patch is going to cause problems.
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  9. Replaced the hulking great consumer unit in my van with an RCBO. He's so dinky!

    a rcbo 6s.jpg
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  10. Just brick up the walk through.
  11. Isn't that a Pink Floyd song?
  12. Changed the insurance to include commuting and drove it to work & back, quicker and cheaper than a train.
  13. Did a spot of painting earlier, Major's engine hatch has had a good rub down and has been etch and high build primed with a couple of good layers of colour. Last coat tomorrow, hopefully!

  14. Moons

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    I had to read that twice....what sort of trains do you have, Stephenson’s rocket?
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  15. No Rockets here far from it usual South Western service. A 22 mile journey that on the way includes one change of train and a mile on foot door to door about an hour, on the way back due to the timing of the trains and change it takes 1 hour 45 ... I could have beaten that in an air-cooled van.
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  16. Moons

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    That’s mental isn’t it!

    My commute is 55 miles each way, mainly M6 and M42, if I leave at the right time 50 minutes door to train it’s 2 changes, £14, takes 2 hours and I’m 2 miles short one end and just 6 miles from the station to office the other.

    I’d still not use the van though!!
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  17. It is indeed and cheaper to drive the camper van than take the train. Its only a temporary part time job and I calculated I only need to drive ten times to cover the additional insurance fee. Should do that by Christmas

    No wonder so many people travel to work in their cars. I use the van as it saves us having to buy a second car.
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  18. Got off my arse and fitted the inner front panel a big thanks to @snotty for the dash screws

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  19. Unsiezed the adjuster lock nut on my steering box and adjusted properly.

    Greased the beam. Spent some considerable time de-greasing myself, and the surrounding area..

    Short test drive to the shops and back, no squeaky front suspension and steering that goes where you point it. Woohoo.
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  20. A bit more progress


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