The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. I’ve been going very slowly with our cabinets. Dark evenings and a job I don’t overly enjoy mean it’ll probably take me until spring to sort them all. That and the baja is distracting me!

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  2. One more bit to cut tomorrow and I’m done. Never want to see another bit of chipboard, ever.
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  3. Gave Tilly's engine a good run up today checked the brakes and found Near side rear had a sticking cylinder freed it off but ordered two new ones, one to replace the sticking one ane one to have spare before I check the off side rear by removing the drum.
    All I need now is a break in the weather.
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  4. Nearly done.

    a new cupboards 6s.jpg
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  5. Swapped the ignition coil in the car park at work, tightened up the spade connectors going to it . Its still playing around, running slightly rough at part throttle amd misfiring a bit...
  6. Made some intake covers

    20191107_152650.jpg 20191107_152631.jpg
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  7. Yes, £6 for an A2 sheet and £3 for the stickers.

  8. I ended up with six 10mm x 5mm neodymium magnets taped to those magnetic sheets for magnetic covers.. Otherwise in a Force 6 they blow off and in a gale they just vanish totally...

    And I have left them on twice and seen 130 degrees C oil temperatures....

    Mine are now 5mm marine ply steamed to almost match the curve of the metalwork.
    With hooks and magnets..

    The black / dark colour is the best idea its noticeable even in twilight..
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  9. Been busy prepping the r/h cab door for paint but a flooding river stopped play.

    Time to put the cab mats and kick panels back in instead.
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  10. Two days of testing , 50 miles driven , and I am sure its the coil that was playing up.

    But I am back on a very old coil that I abandoned because it used to flash over with Bosch leads...

    I am now going to have to re-test the older Accuspark ignition module - there might be less wrong with it than I thought...
  11. Today has been mostly b.eige. B.eige.

    a beige doors 6s.jpg
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  12. Great

    Downside being that'll limit your tip run capacity

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  13. It’s so @Purple ’s engine overheats when he forgets to take them off ;)
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  15. I think the sensible use is to stop crap falling down the air intakes and rotting your battery trays. Not a bad idea :thumbsup:
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  16. May I draw your attention to the water cooled set-up with radiator behind the front grille !

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  17. Noooooooooo!
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  18. Sacrilege!
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