Tamiya Sand Scorcher.

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  1. Got a good clear coat on before work. Crack on tonight.
  2. Pictures or it didn't happen. :p
  3. 53416A4B-E51E-4D1F-AF59-AF13E2CE7FE1.jpeg 53416A4B-E51E-4D1F-AF59-AF13E2CE7FE1.jpeg 17160A93-0F0D-4C1D-AA5F-DF7C715CF375.jpeg Cooking in the sun.
  4. Ooh, shiny. :cool:

    OK, so red and white does look pretty cool.
  5. FCE9B770-1859-4875-93D7-954F230DC3B9.jpeg 2589C06F-BC52-404D-93A3-30AF050AF628.jpeg Still a long way to go. Loving the Bosch headlamps.
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  6. Nice to see Tamiya still has some nice attention to detail.
    Headlight beam pattern is a nice touch.
  7. Not finished yet but couldn’t resist a couple of laps of the garden. Stopped after nearly going in the pond.
    F14F2597-1B66-4B61-B916-974C43731C92.jpeg 7C1A1B61-F029-4B68-9518-8A8C149A0E17.jpeg AC8689CB-4F61-4A27-831C-A9EEFDD3A6CC.jpeg
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  8. Does mint wheel spins and pops wheelies. Easy to flip on to roof though.
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  9. I’m sensing that this builds not going to stop here.

    I bet if you post a pic up in a years time you’ve modded the heck out of it..
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  10. Or it’s in the shed covered in dust :(
  11. It would be easy to get carried away.
  12. I see you've stayed with the ultra modern EV conversion look instead of the old fashioned aircooled fossil fuel look:D:thumbsup: The only problem, is I want one now.
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  13. I may have an air cooled option in the pipeline.
  14. Wanting one isn’t a problem. Go online and order one tonight
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  15. Unfortunatly I tend to want a lot of things;), I saw an 8X8 Argo Cat for sale yesterday and i want that too:D
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  16. One of those would be handy around here today .
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  17. At a museum yesterday


    I think I'm ordering the re release lunch box this week
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  18. Which museum?
    Hotshot topleft and frog middle right were cool. I had the boomerang and later on a supersabre before going schumacher route.

    I've still got my Hornet. A look on ebay shows the part that sidelined it in the early 90s when it went obsolete is now available again due to its re-release. :thumbsup:
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  19. Cool.
    Vanessa's Lunchbox was a cool looking van. Used the same chassis as the midnight pumpkin. Front suspension was always the weakest list i thought with the big tyres bending stuff.
    2019-08-16 10.04.07.jpg

    Found this old Tamiya catalogue from the early 90s while i was tidying up.
    2019-08-16 10.03.45.jpg
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