Tamiya Sand Scorcher.

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  1. It will after a trip to the beach
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  2. I had a mardave mini like this. Broke the shell in a week though.
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    Mate....I had one of these bad boys when I was 8....it broke on day one leaving me bereft ever since


    Trying to 'fix' it taught me early on how to engage with electronics....don't. You make things worse.
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  4. EF786574-2EAA-45A7-81B8-E008CAE49BB5.jpeg Spent a full evening getting the shocks built up and filled with oil. What a PITA. Too little oil and they had flat spots, too much oil and they seized up. Made a right mess as well. Still having fun though. Notice the rubber and steel bushes.
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  5. Looks great :thumbsup:

    I'm fixing my one up from when I was a kid. Had to take it apart and polish all the bits back up, it's all original chassie but then I got the re release shell from yours and new tyres, lucky they brought it out again as a proper shell was quite expensive before hand. I got two complete Tamiya body kits for £35 each with all the glass, trim, lights, stickers ect.

  6. There’s a very real danger that this could become my new favourite thread.
  7. The shell kits are cheap. I may end up getting one for show use only.
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  8. Stayed up till half one getting the front beam finished. Teeny little ball joints and track rods and wheel bearings.Think I might need glasses and more sleep.
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  9. There's a very real chance of me ordering one.....must.....resist.......
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    When I was a kid I was under the impression that petrol remote control cars where the best....was I just young and impressionable?
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  11. I've wanted one since 1979. Been resisting getting one of the new ones since they were released in 2010. Just do it.
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  12. Super goose! I still don’t know what happened to mine...
    Worth a few quid now..
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  13. I would urge anyone who fancies one of these to go get one now. Having wanted one since 1979 and then putting off getting one of the 2010 recreation ones for nine years, I’m loving building this one. Seriously good bit of kit. Very fast around my small garden.
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  14. I see Tamiya have made a few improvements along the way. Electronic speed controller and, I could be wrong, but a better front bumper.
  15. The “easy” bit now done. Making a start on the body. Can’t decide on a colour scheme yet. Already bought a couple of upgrades but not going to get carried away as it seems so very easy to do. The plan is to use and abuse so not too fussed about shiny.
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  16. Standard body has no wheel arch liners so I’ve bought a set off eBay C715642B-46BB-422F-AB77-CFC38221A02B.jpeg 98BD49F4-A521-4B59-956E-ABEDBBF858E1.jpeg BC19FEFF-6F80-44F1-9E52-15FAC6156FF9.jpeg
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  17. You have to cut them out yourself but they seem very sturdy and a good fit 85BC62CD-1BD6-4170-96A4-87CA038B1F06.jpeg
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  18. I've wanted one for years but unless my bay sells theres no cash in the pot to buy one.

    For a few nice upgrades like this have a look on Knight customs site: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/knightcustoms
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