Tamiya Sand Scorcher.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vinnyboy, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. I had one as a kid. It was the best present ever and I loved it!
  2. Loved mine when I was a teenager, my Mum sold it while I was away a college :(
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  3. Same here!
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  4. 40 separate pieces to build shockers and a bottle of damper oil 35B2009B-C898-485A-809D-E64048F84574.jpeg
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  5. Off to bed. Brain and eyes can’t take anymore. 7628B50B-632F-4B4B-BD12-E8C0F6BD78D7.jpeg
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  6. Please arrange the damper bodies in the correct order of size otherwise it will mess with @snottys ocd
  7. is it done yet ?
    I had a Tamiya Falcon when i was a kid and progressed to a Kyosho Optima which is still in a box in the garage :thumbsup:
  8. Nope. I spent nearly 2 hours building half the front suspension. Incredible how well made it is. Just like a real beetle front beam. Separate ball joints etc.
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  9. Sounds like it might be better than some of the rubbish available for the real thing from some suppliers?!
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  10. the quality does look a lot better than it used to be, most of the kits came with plastic bushes instead of bearings, you had to spend more to upgrade for the metal bearings !
    obviously you need to put more photo's on here !:D
  11. I've still got my Hornet that i bought about 30 years ago when i was at school. Always wanted a Sand Scorcher though.
    Either that or the Audi Quattro rally car.
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  12. Does the kit not come supplied with any radio gear or batteries?
  13. It does for a extra £80. :p
  14. Ah I see.
  15. All the other lads at school had kyosho or Tamiya rc cars
    My parents said they were too expensive so I ended up with a mardave meteor for Christmas.
    Not as cool as the others but British made if memory serves correctly and with a sheet ally chassis was awesome at taking chunks out of peoples shins
    The body shell being a abs type plastic instead of lexan didn’t last 5 mins so it ran round with an adapted Tupperware tub over the top of it for most of its life.

    I was ridiculed for it but loved that thing and learnt a lot from it.
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  16. Had to add all that extra to my birthday list. Joined the Tamiya forum as well. Funny old bunch. All they talk about is RC cars. Paying fortunes for alloy wheels and more powerful engines etc. Not normal like us lot :easter:
  17. E00D9C5F-501A-4F21-A091-3CFBFFA20783.jpeg 58A484D8-F1E4-4F6A-A064-4C8F0A0D1751.jpeg Still got a million tiny nuts and bolts and hubs and wheel bearings and shockers and ball joints and track rod ends etc etc to go before front beam is done.
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  18. That is super cool
  19. They sure do look like nice components
  20. Is it rusting yet?

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