Tamiya Sand Scorcher.

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  1. anyone got one ?? I’ve always lusted after one since first seeing them in Beatties model shop in 1979. Me and my mate used to go in on the way home from school most nights as the bus stop was right outside. They always had a demo car out on the shop floor. Anyway they cost about ten years pocket money back then so it was always a dream. Back to 2019 and you can get a new one with all the gear for just shy of £400. Still not cheap but I have that itch that won’t go away.
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  2. davidoft

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    I got an inch and bought a traxxas 4x4 non runner, got bored waiting for parts so bought a hyper 7 and something else :D
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  3. Diddymen

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    My uncle had one when I was a kid, think it was petrol powered? …..it was loud!!

    I was given a Tamiya cheetah after my other uncle got board with it …...still got it in the loft, I think they are worth a bit of money still

    Not RC, but I've just bought myself a 1:350 Tamiya Bismarck kit
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  4. davidoft

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    1:1 scale, probably still finish it before your bay :)
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  5. Do you mean the Winchester Tamiya Sand-Scorchers, Marco and Maria? Lovely people!
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    probably not far off the truth, I built a Mitsubishi zero airfix kit which took over a month and there's not much to it. Lancaster & B17 are in the que too!!!
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  7. Yes. I’ve always wanted one. Not bothered which one.
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  8. I was lucky enough to have an original, towards the end of the production run they became more affordable. To my horror, my Mum sold it on my behalf, without my permission, while I was away at college. I have never really forgiven her for that. I'm jealous, if I am honest.
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    T25 is the way forward, I’ve got a gross of um when you’re ready
  10. My bro had one around 1979
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  12. In a previous life. I worked on tamiya magazine for a few years.
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  13. Interesting. Didn’t know there was such a thing. Good quality gear.
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  14. I had one as a child got it in Beatties Lewisham.Wish I still had it. My brother had a Grasshopper . I use to take it to vw shows in the 80s and park it up next to my dad's 72 beetle in the show and shine. They are going for good money now even the newer version. A few years later I was bought a ET Kawahara bmx bike as a Christmas present . I recently saw one sell for over 5k.
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  15. http://tamiyamodelmagazine.com/

    Just seen that marcus is still the editor. He was there when I worked there very many years ago.
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    I can remember in around 1987 the bike shop at the top of Holton Road in Barry was selling Kuwahara ET special editions for £78 and couldn't get rid!!!

    My pillock brother sold my GT race bike for £20 when I was at uni....that had a pro 4 series frame and bars, Elan one piece seat, redline flight cranks, Araya 7x on sealed sun tour hubs, ACS levers and dia comp brakes, Hutch Bear Traps and stem....it took 4 years of paper rounds and cost £1200 to build back in the day.

    He GAVE my Raleigh Aero pro and Supergoose away.

    I actually might still kill him.
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  17. I would lol
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  18. I’ll never forget the first time I saw a kid on a BMX. It was like something from out of space. Choppers and grifters were the thing when I was young. Fancy coloured wheels and tyres. Red blue and yellow. We had a brilliant bmx track at the end of the estate then it got flattened to make way for the A1 western bypass
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  19. I loved my bmx and was never off it in my teens. It was so much lighter than my heavyweight second hand grifter. There was loads of bmx tracks in South London where I lived but as you said they all turned into housing estates or road schemes. I suppose there wasn't much call for them as soon as the game consul and computer era came in. I must admit I didn't use my bmx as much when I got my ZX Spectrum.
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