Tamiya Sand Scorcher.

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  1. You could easily blow £400 on this little puppy! Tell me how I know :rolleyes:. I must resist, must resist!
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  2. :oops::rolleyes:


    Still resisting.....:D
  3. This was my 50th birthday present. Might as well ask for something you actually want. Another tick off the bucket list.
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  4. Never owned an original but there are a few differences apparently. Programmable electronics and proper wheel bearings being two.
  5. The wheel bearings were phosphor bronze (I think, certainly bronze of some sort) affairs.

    The speed controller was just a two way switch where the slower speed ran thru a caged resistor mounted on top of the motor housing. Most of our "club" removed these as they just wasted battery as heat and electronic speed control was big money in those days.
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  6. Very nice. Don’t think I could justify 50 quid on one though. Not very realistic, no oil leaks in sight.
  7. More than £50 dude, you need the engine (part1) which is £47 on its own, then flywheel/fan belt (part2) and then an exhaust!!!! Not much change from £75, I wouldn't have thought!
  8. How about this for inspiration...?

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  9. Primed and ready for some colour. Still at the thinking stage. Got a few rattle cans from work for free. Lots of red and white. One metallic green. :thinking:
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  10. Metallic green and whites gotta be the one. With a bit white ‘tick’ like starsky and hutch.
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  11. B907AA76-7936-4F0B-84D7-F3B51E49082A.jpeg EF81AEF4-8E96-43EC-A5E0-65A71433E1AD.jpeg
    I like these two
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  12. Green and white FTW. :cool:

    Though i do like the look of this:
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  13. White paint came out out great so I was tempted to do a white only version but decided this was too boring. Only had half a tin of green paint but five tins of red so went for this. Red came out great as well. Will leave to dry for a few days and think about next move.
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  14. 25dbee1f0248e8558af56f26a77f6182b65bc4ac69c85656b44aa86ab9a28c5a.jpg
  15. Are you going with all the stock 506 box art decals or something else? Mint400 and Mexico ones?
  16. 061CACEE-6AB4-411F-9ACC-9CEFC61FF97C.jpeg Standard stickers out the kit
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