Tamiya Sand Scorcher.

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  1. A mate had the Hotshot (top left in your Pic) i have still got the Futaba controller (bottom shelf)
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  2. Looks a bit like the transmitter i have with my hornet. It may have been all black or a really dark grey though. Not 100% as its still sat in my parents loft with a load of my other stuff.
    I've got an old Acoms techniplus set somewhere too.
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  3. my mates hotshot had the Acoms one, im going to have to look now !!
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  4. It was at a steam train line place In North Norfolk it was a small toy section in a miniature/model train exhibit next door.

    The rough rider in the middle is almost identical to the sand scorcher apart from the front body post is smaller.

    I had a hornet to, but it was a quick drive version that took AAs

    I also went Schumacher later on with an sst 2000, probably the best rc I own
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  5. The re release lunchbox and King Black foot are under £200 so a lot cheaper than the scorcher because they aren't as posh in the parts department. I think if I sell my og king black foot chassis that will be a good chunk off a new nice one.
  6. My old Blackfoot/monster beetle went Suburu when I was younger

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  7. Eek sacrilege. :eek:
  8. Well it was made of bits and bobs from others and body's weren't about at the time really. So with a spare shell made a nice little basher for down the park, it's all there underneath. 2wd
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  11. I've been watching them on a few YouTube channels, the mods are basically metal replacement parts upgrades and better suspension, diffs, gears and things like trailers and weighted wheels ect, Im not sure about UK but some us vids show completely metal frame and running gear versions.

    That traxas is awesome but I wonder if I could buy a real 4x4 car for that money on ebay?
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  12. That traxas is awesome but I wonder if I could buy a real 4x4 car for that money on ebay?[/QUOTE]

    You probably could !
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  14. We got these yesterday they do everything real ones do

  15. This turned up on my Pinterest feed this morning when i logged in. I prefer the look of these tyres to the Padlatraks and they don't wear down after a couple of hours use on tarmac. I think i have a set of 4 somewhere with white 5 spoke rims.
    Screenshot_2019-08-17 Stuart on Instagram “32 back before the roof rack ”.png
  16. Wildwillysandscorcher.png
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  17. I have never seen a willy out.

    He's always inside a jeep or car normally.
  18. Might be one of the figures you can buy through shapeways.

    I'm feeling the need to go and collect my Hornet from my parents loft. :eek:
    Seem to remember it needs a new motor as it had a tiny old Tamiya 380 in it that i burnt out.
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  19. oooh i had a wicked willy! put some carpet strip for bumpers used to destroy fox's etc.
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