Tamiya Sand Scorcher.

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  1. Had my first trip out on the beech at Alnmouth. What a blast. Worth waiting 40 years for. Better than I had hoped for. It was good on the grass but flipped over very easily on tight turns but on the sand it was fantastic. Skidded and slid like a real car. Love it.

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  2. Made a small ramp out of sand
    99161D5D-6556-4F00-9952-2EB7BE632097.jpeg 37C63273-35FB-4F3F-8253-68D27D56442F.jpeg
  3. 7B6BB679-9F74-48C7-A099-97CBA2E9FC6F.jpeg It’s covered in damp sand now with a couple of battle scars on the paint
  4. Cool. Just crying out for a drivers head in it though.
    I found these in a box in my parents loft at the weekend. May have to do something with my hornet now.
    2019-08-25 12.18.59.jpg
    2019-08-25 12.19.14.jpg
  5. Still got the driver and exhaust to paint. Winter project me thinks.
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  6. That looks fantastic.

    I just had to dig this out of a cupboard. I was given it as a non runner.

    Anyone know if they’re any good?

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  7. fella on ebay sells the inner arches...
  8. Got some. Very good fit.
  9. That's a pretty good one if the traxxas stickers are from it, spares and service kits are available for them, you might be able to download a pdf of the manual for it online, did you get the little glow starter for starting the engine?
  10. Thanks!

    I think I did. Not really looked at it tbh. He gave it to my son and me when we bought a second hand battery one.

    Having looked it up on YouTube, it seems to shift. May have to give it a go :)
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  12. This thread had me thinking...
    Just spent the last 2 hours messing with these
    I was amazed the the smaller kyosho mid worked when I found all the suitable batteries. The boy was very interested too. So I said we could get them going over the weekend [​IMG][​IMG]

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  13. Painting the exhaust. Made it look rusty and a little rich.
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  14. Very pleased with the driver. I might make him unshaven and weathered next.

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