Tamiya Sand Scorcher.

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  1. Getting a blood rush reading that list!

    Mine was a Haro freestyler with Skyways, tioga crank, sealed bearings & graphite pedals. Renthal bars, mushroom grips, sr stem.
    Wish it was still in my shed but I probably sold it for £20 to keep the beetle running, c.1994
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  2. They built a free bmx track in sunny dunny a few years back and I think it still gets used quite a bit. Even with games consoles and the inter web it seems kids still like tearing around on bikes doing stunts. Long may that continue.
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  3. Yeah,man!
  4. Although really speaking, my early teen cycling era was more ‘ 5 speed racer, with cow horn handlebars’.
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  5. Our local model shop may still have a stinking big glow fuel one. A bloke ordered it and a few days later came in mumbling the Mrs wouldn't let him have it.
  6. Class Sogz. The wider the cooler.
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  7. I missed out on the bmx craze and went on to a 5 speed racer. Never off the thing. We used to ride our bikes until the tyres wore down to the inner tubes.
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    To be fair to Raleigh, the Grifter was their version of a BMX, as was the Bomber their take on the first mountain bikes....even though both were made of depleted uranium/pig iron and weighed the same as several planets
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  9. I had a Sand Scorcher when i was a nipper. Think it got binned when my parents moved when I was at uni.
    Fortunately I saved my Bullhead - which still works!!
    Wish I still had the other one though
    Pic is the same as mine - I can’t be arsed going into the loft 1AA9C950-DF2B-4C2C-A2E6-53403A1E5C5D.jpeg
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  10. i had a tamiya monster beetle bcost £110 25 years ago
  11. I wanted to make my Baja like the scorcher but couldn't find an early baja kit anywhere :(.
    Happy with my General Lee though :thumbsup:
  12. 419A3DA1-368A-4AC1-BE4C-F0D740F4FD2D.jpeg My wonderful wife bought me this for my 50th. Only been waiting 40 years.Very happy now.
  13. I had (and still have) the Tamiya Lunchbox. More-or-less still complete and still functional...Built from scratch and well used back in the day. I do seem to remember getting in hot water for the yellow paint spilled on the carpet at my grandparent's place!
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    Sand Scorcher?
    That's what happens here in summer.
    You lot wouldn't know about really scorching sand though, would you?
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  15. Not so sure about that. I’ve heard we might get in to double figures next month.
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  16. Nice bit of kit. Mini ball bearings for gearbox and drive shafts. Brass bushes for suspension arms. Torsion bars.

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  17. 698FC9F3-7A32-4C66-9B6C-E134740704E7.jpeg 3352AD9E-9DE7-450E-A2B7-BD283DAE4060.jpeg Took full advantage of Father’s Day and poor weather
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