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Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by pkrboo, Mar 27, 2017.

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    I brought the subject up on scoobying Major last night in the pub..a couple of glasses of wine and she told me not to be silly, we need a new house :confused:
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  2. I am quite lucky then I have persuaded my wife to pay the VAT element of the work being done at Fellows.
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  3. haha, we just share all our money. but she controls it, or at least tries to.
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    I have a second plan, my secret spare credit card :D
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  5. Fellows would be my preferred option but dont have the ££££ to pay them to do it
    Might just get a MOT failed Scooby and do it that way
    Will be watching your thread with interest - and to see if I can price it in budget!
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    We share nothing. It's all hers!
    She just happens to be a VW nut:D:cool:
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  7. Not a bad result really. Shame shes not an expert at fitting synchro exhausts too.... now there a though. You with yer gammy knee and whatnot!
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    Not yet....... ;)
    Do you have an engine crane, an oxy kit and a helicoil set? I need to take control of this situation :fool:
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  9. You sound like a woman with a plan!
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  10. @pkrboo having set off on your mission do you have a difinitive list of parts you are getting and where from to complete the job?

    Have looked at TSR / Fellows / RJES and started searching a for suitable donor - which my early research suggests is a manual forester allowing the use of the RJES bellhousing, retaining the Subaru flywheel and clutch.
  11. I got a 1998 forester. Electrical diagrams are a bit sparse but if you are sending the loom off shouldn't be a problem. If keeping your gearbox I would go with :

    RJES bellhousing,
    RJES radiator pack
    And everything else from them tbh.


    engine mount
    Throttle body reverser
    Accelerator cable

    Exhaust is the only tricky one that I am not sure about yet. Probably get one made up using the manifolds from RJES

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  12. Just spoken to the chap at RJES he's sending me over a list of parts and prices.

    Re the loom he can't do it before June as they are already booked out so that will have to be farmed elsewhere or DIY.
  13. Can you send the list to me to!! If you go in Facebook and look for the vw Subaru hybrid group there is a guy called nick tune who does looms and engines. He might be able to supply you with an engine and loom already done good to go

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  14. Some great info on this thread!
    I can feel my purse strings loosening - although I wont be attempting the project till atleast Sept
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  15. What about coolant pipes/rads/scoops/thermostats and associated mounts?
    Toffo over on earlybay has a vintage speed exhaust mated upto his Scooby engine - looks absolutely perfect!
    Might be worth asking him for some pics?
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  16. I am going to get radiator pack from RJES. Not sure exactly what it comes with yet though

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    What's the project timescale Matt?
    I'm guessing there's a bit of pressure due to PTK commitments?
  18. Still in financial negotiations tbh.

    I want to get all the parts first, then build the gearbox, then have everything ready to fit and do it in one go. Take a week off work and do it that way, but need to have everything ready first. May/June may be a possibility, if not it may well be the end of the season, winter swap.

    Really I want to do it ASAP and have it ready for this season.

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    Spookily I was just reading your Westy thread & reflecting on the work you've done over the years.
    This is another level though & hats off:hattip:
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    I'd be interested to see what the rad pack contains Matt, I cobbled my setup together using the rad from the subaru and a home made scoop. It works fine, but isn't the most aesthetically pleasing solution. If funds allow I might treat myself to an rjes setup..

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