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  1. good luck with it

    but seeing that birds nest of wires is part of the reason I have given my bus to someone else to do.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
    Subaru Forester SF 1997-2002 Workshop Service Repair Manual CD

    Seller information
    mblaster900_3 (88 [​IMG])
    96.8% Positive Feedback

    eBay item number:
  4. The CD seems to be the best option, good luck.
  5. cheers, typially that cd is in australia!!!
  6. I have a friend in oz + there is @terradales

    Added this to my watch list. Should be a good thread
  7. i am sure they will post it ?
    no harm in asking.
  8. Dubs

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    I have a wiring diagram that I used for my 98 impreza Matt, its probably the same as a forester if you want it?
  9. yes please mate, is yours one with the ECu attached to the engine?
  10. Dubs

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    No, the ECU was in the passengers footwell, is yours on the engine then? I didnt know that was a thing.. I will search my laptop for the diagram. :thumbsup:
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  11. Good luck - can always borrow mine if you want to compare the wiring etc.
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  12. I wonder if that's the same as mine,:thinking:
    I've stripped a lot of the junk out,
    I have the imobiliser to sort out..:confused:
  13. Dubs

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    I used the 98 wrx diagram here....

    Seemed to match mine pretty much spot on.
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  14. This vid gives an over view..:cool:

  15. So, a bit more done on the loom, removing everything that i know is not required like lighting and heater wiring.

    Pile of removed wiring is slowly growing.


    Not sure Mrs will be happy if she knew I was doing it in the kitchen!!


    I've also removed the egear box in case i need to use it(have one form an impreza to use at the moment) i need the sensors from it a minimum.


    And last night i treated myself to a Cyprus Brandy

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  16. Found haynes manual in the UK, worth a punt if it helps me with the wiring

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  17. Hung the main wiring loom up in the garage. Hopefully it will make it easier to strip the wires out, i am pretty much doing it one at a time at the moment to make sure i don't just hack it to bits and chop out something important.

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  18. Best of!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    Mrs P has just whispered in my lug oil " You are NOT doing that to our bus" She's getting to be no fun.
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  19. How about a Haynes 1958

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