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Discussion in 'Alternative engine in bus' started by pkrboo, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Three engines? Sounds like you're overstocked, maybe you need to do a promotion?

  2. davidoft

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    Buy one get one freeeeeeee :)
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  3. Does anyone know the internal diameter of the pipe that fits on here (attached pic).
    I forgot to fit a one way vacuum valve so want to add one now but can't access this pipe very easily to order the right size.
    Thanks, PG
  4. Kruger

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    I’ve got an engine in bits, I’ll have a measure tomorrow, I’m thinking it’ll be 1/2”
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  5. Thanks Kruger, appreciate that.
  6. Kruger

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    Sorry, I’ve got to re-measure tomorrow….I’d measured the external diameter..that’s 10mm :rolleyes:
  7. That's perfect Kruger, internal of the pipe that fits on or the external of that stub.
    I now can be sure and order a one way to fit 10mm.
    Cheers mate.

    How's the swap coming on?

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